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Our country has seen many ups and downs in the last two years. Due to the corona virus infection, the federal government issued a nationwide curfew. This is because it can stop the speed of corona virus infection. Due to the curfew, the country’s big business will be affected, as well as the education of students. To address this issue, the Haryana government has launched a new project. The name of the project Haryana Free Tablet Plan 2021 There is. Haryana Free Tablet Plan 2021 For detailed information, please read our full article.

Today, through this article of ours, we will present this to you Haryana Free Tablet Plan 2021 Providing detailed information. In this article, you provide complete information on the online application process, required document list, eligibility criteria, rules and project features. If you are also a student and studying in an educational institution run by the state government, you can take advantage of this program. Before applying, we advise you of all the information provided by us in this article Haryana Muft Tablet Plan 2021 Read the guidelines carefully.

What is Haryana Free Tablet Plan 2021?

We are all well aware that curfew has caused a lot of damage to the studies of students in schools. To solve this problem, online classes have been started by state educational institutions. Students need an electronic device such as a mobile, laptop or tablet to study in these online classes.

It is often seen that poor and low income families are not able to afford these devices to educate their children. This electronic device is available at a very high price in the market and it cannot be bought by a poor man. Due to this, the education of students from poor families in the state has been affected. To take education through online classes, it is mandatory for students to have a tab-like device. The state government is taking note of this Haryana Free Tablet Plan 2021 Has been launched.

Objectives of Haryana Muft Tablet Plan 2021

Haryana Free Tablet Plan 2021 Students can take their online classes with the device provided below The goal of the state government is not to stop any child’s education due to lack of funds or equipment. The Haryana Chief Minister has instructed all the district authorities in the state to distribute free tablets to the maximum number of students under the scheme.

Eligible and interested students can submit their application form under this scheme and get the tablet provided by the government without paying any fee. Interested students should submit their application form to the school office. For students Haryana Muft Tablet Plan 2021 Required documents should be submitted along with the application form. Once the application is approved, free pills will be distributed to students by the government.

Features of Haryana Free Tablet Plan 2021

By reading the information given above, you should now know how much students will benefit from this program. Haryana Free Tablet Plan 2021 Features by points are given below.

  • This Haryana Free Tablet Plan 2021 All the information related to the syllabus will be uploaded in advance on the tablet given below
  • A digital e-library will also be set up and provided for students to read.
  • All students can read digital books via tablet.
  • All types of tests and exam templates will be uploaded for students on the tablet so that students can make their product better.
  • Curriculum related videos will also be uploaded on this tablet for the convenience of all students.

Eligibility for Haryana Free Tablet Plan 2021

If you too want to benefit from this program, you must first meet the eligibility criteria. Haryana Free Tablet Plan 2021 Eligibility Criteria Recommended Under

  • The student applying or doing so must reside in the state of Haryana.
  • This Haryana Muft Tablet Plan 2021 It has been started only for students studying from 8th class to 12th class.
  • The student or student applying should be studying in a government school run by the Haryana State Government.
  • The student who wants to apply for this program should not already have any device with him.

Impact docs for Haryana Muft Tablet Plan 2021

If you meet all the eligibility criteria mentioned above, you are eligible to apply for this program. Haryana Free Tablet Plan 2021 You must arrange the documents mentioned below before submitting your application

  • Copy of Aadhar card
  • Basic address proof
  • Student School Identity Card
  • Certificate issued by the school
  • Active mobile number
  • Student passport size photo
  • Copy of Family Ration Card
  • Annual Gross Income Certificate

Apply Online / Register for Free Tablet Plan 2021

Dear Haryana students, this scheme has only been announced by the State Government. Currently no student can apply for this program. An online application form or registration website has not yet been launched by the government. As soon as the official website is launched by the government, we will notify you immediately through our website. Once the website is launched, the application process will be as follows.

  1. Who are the students Haryana Free Tablet Plan 2021 Those who want to apply for the post must first wait for the official website to launch.
  2. After launching the website, we will provide you with a link through this article.
  3. After clicking on the link we have given, the page of the official website will open on your skin.
  4. By accessing the official website Haryana Free Tablet Plan 2021 You need to find the option of the application form.
  5. After receiving the application form, all the requested information should be filled in it.
  6. We need to attach all the documents mentioned above with the application form.
  7. Now you need to submit your application online. This will enable you to submit your application successfully.

After submitting the online application form, be sure to take the receipt given your application number now. With the help of this application number you can Haryana Free Tablet Plan 2021 You can also see your application status below. No link or official website has been launched by the State Government or the Department of Education for submitting the registration form. You all have to wait a while. soon Haryana Muft Tablet Plan 2021 The website will be launched and we will provide you with the complete method of registration through this article.

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