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Today, everyone wants to have their own home. The Punjab government has launched a project to fulfill the dream of their state citizens to have their own home. The name of the project Punjab Urban Housing Project 2021 There is. Through today’s article, we provide you with detailed information about this project.

Dear Punjabi residents, If you too want to build your house but are unable to build it due to lack of money, this project will be very useful for you. We will provide you with this article Punjab Shehri Awas Yojana 2021 We will provide all the details like application process, eligibility rules, required documents, benefits and features. All citizens of the state are requested to read this article in full.

What is Punjab Shehri Awas Yojana 2021?

Nowadays, who doesn’t want him to have his voice too. It is every person’s dream to sleep peacefully under the roof of his house when he comes home from work outside all day. It is often seen that not all people in our country are able to manage their homes due to lack of money.

In large cities, citizens spend most of their lives in rented rooms. The biggest reason for this is that citizens’ incomes end up in household expenses. They could not raise money to build a house. Because of this, the dream of his own home belongs to him. But this Punjab Urban Housing Project 2021 Now everyone in the state will be given help to build their own house.

Purpose of Punjab Urban Housing Scheme 2021

In general, even in today’s period of inflation a large sum of money has to be spent to build a small house. Not all citizens can manage this amount. Because of this, he has been homeless all his life.

With this in mind, this new project has been launched by the Punjab State Government. Punjab Urban Housing Project 2021 Under this, the government will help all poor and low income families to build their houses.

We are all well aware that the population of the city in Punjab is increasing day by day. According to official data, about 2.77 crore people live in the state. About 37.45% of this population lives in the urban areas of Punjab. Due to this growing population, the housing problem in the urban areas of Punjab is increasing day by day. This Punjab Awas Yojana 2021 (Shahari) The real purpose of starting this is for all citizens in the state to have their own home.

Benefits of Punjab Shehri Awas Yojana 2021

Punjab Urban Housing Project 2021 The government will help build houses for citizens who apply under the scheme. The list of benefits under this scheme is given below.

  • Punjab Housing Scheme 2021 (Urban) Under this scheme, all the poor and low income families will be housed.
  • Citizens do not have to spend any money for government-provided housing under the scheme.
  • Families with incomes above the prescribed limit do not have to pay fees such as social infrastructure fund registration, stamp duty or other chess.
  • Loans will be provided to households in the state with an annual income of more than 600000 rupees or families with an annual income of up to ₹ 18 lakh.
  • The loan obtained under this scheme will also be subsidized to the citizens.
  • Now you do not have to go to the bank again and again to get a loan from the bank to build a house.
  • Assistance will be provided by the State Government for the repair of very old or dilapidated houses.

Qualification for Punjab Urban Housing Scheme 2021

If you want to apply under this scheme, you must first meet certain eligibility conditions. Punjab Urban Housing Project 2021 Eligibility rules to apply under are given below.

  • The person applying for this scheme should be a native of Punjab.
  • BPL type families are also included below the poverty line under this scheme.
  • The total income of the family wishing to join under this scheme should not exceed ₹ 300000 to 500000 per annum.
  • Only honest citizens can apply for Punjab Shahari Awas Yojana 2021.
  • Families working in a member government job cannot apply for this scheme.
  • The family applying for an urban housing scheme should not be a beneficiary under any other housing scheme initiated by the State Government.
  • If any loan has been given by the applicant before, it should be repaid on time.
  • Citizens who are in the bank’s non-refundable lift will not be included under this scheme.

Apply Online for Punjab Shahari Awas Yojana 2021

If you also want to become a beneficiary under this scheme, the complete process of application is given below. Punjab Urban Housing Project 2021 Before submitting the application form, please check all the information once.

  1. Apply onlineOfficial website of Punjab Shahari Awas Yojana“It simply came to our notice then.
  2. Once the website is open, click on the “Application Form” option.
  3. Now all the information asked in the application form should be filled.
  4. Now you need to upload all the “documents” along with the application form.
  5. After uploading the documents, press the “Submit” button and submit the application form.


Like this your Punjab Urban Housing Project 2021 After submitting the completed online application form, print it out. Your application number will be given in it. With the help of this application number, you can check the status of your application online.

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