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Haryana Mahila Samriti Yojana

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Dear people of Haryana, today we bring you information about the most useful project. The name of this project Haryana Mahila Samriti Yojana 2021. As we all know, the Haryana government is striving for women’s empowerment. From time to time new schemes are launched by the State Government for the economic and social advancement of women, and this scheme is one of those schemes. Under this scheme, the government will provide financial assistance to women in the state.

Through our article today, we will present this to you Haryana Mahila Samriti Yojana 2021 Providing complete information. Through our article, you will know how to apply under this scheme, what are the eligibility conditions, what documents are required and what are the benefits of this scheme. If you also want to benefit under this program, be sure to read this article in its entirety.

Haryana Mahila Samriti Yojana 2021 Details

You should know from the name that this project was started for women. Haryana Mahila Samriti Yojana 2021 Under this, the state government will provide financial assistance to women. By applying and availing benefits through this scheme, women in the state can become self-sufficient. The Haryana government has from time to time introduced various schemes and schemes to maintain the declining female population and gender ratio in the state.

State Government Women under this scheme Loan up to 60000 Whose interest rate is very nominal. To avail the benefit of this amount, women must first register themselves. I would like to tell you something that this project has been started only for the Scheduled Castes. Using the loan amount, women can open their own business, get some kind of skill training or use it to meet daily household needs.

With the declining sex ratio in the country in mind, the Haryana state government has introduced this scheme for women. The state government wants all women to be self-sufficient. Through loans, women can open their own jobs and live higher in society. You don’t have to depend on any other person for women’s income. State women who are unable to support their families due to the financial crisis can earn a monthly income and meet their household expenses by borrowing and opening employment.

Benefits of Haryana Mahila Samriti Yojana 2021

As we have already mentioned in the section above Haryana Mahila Samriti Yojana 2021 Under this, loans will be provided to women in the state. The interest charged on this loan will be very low. Apart from this the benefits given under the following scheme.

  • State women can open their own jobs and become self-sufficient by availing loans under this scheme.
  • Under this scheme, the state government will provide 00 60000 loans to women.
  • The State Government will charge only 5% interest on the loan amount provided under the scheme.
  • With the help of the loan, the state women can start many businesses like beauty salon, tea shop, toy store, clothing store, dairy, dairy business, cosmetics shop.
  • Under the scheme, only women belonging to Scheduled Castes i.e. SC category are included.
  • Through the Women’s Samriti Yojana, women in the state can openly become self-employed and improve their economic status.
  • Through employment opened through credit, women in the state can provide employment to other unemployed.
  • Through this program, women can live proudly by borrowing and starting their own business.
  • In addition, this project is very important for the state government because it will accelerate the growth rate of the state.
  • The state’s unemployment rate will also decrease as women open their own businesses.

Eligibility for Haryana Women’s Samriti Yojana 2021

You need to remember to attach the required documents with the application form. We will provide a list of required documents in the next section. In this area we Haryana Mahila Samriti Yojana 2021 Below is a list of eligibility conditions to apply.

  • The applicant must reside in the state of Haryana.
  • Under this scheme, only women belonging to Scheduled Castes i.e. SC category can apply.
  • Women who want to apply for this program must be between 18 and 45 years of age.
  • The woman should not have taken financial assistance under any other scheme.
  • The woman should not be in installments in any bank.
  • No legal action or lawsuit is pending against the applicant.
  • If the applicant woman lives in an urban area, the family’s annual income should not exceed 00 120000.
  • If a woman’s house falls under the countryside, her family’s annual income should be less than ₹ 98000.
  • You must have your own bank account open with any nationalized bank.
  • Your bank account should be linked to Aadhar Card and Ban Card.

Documents for Haryana Women’s Samriti Yojana 2021

Sisters, you can apply for this program if you meet all the eligibility criteria given above. Haryana Mahila Samriti Yojana 2021 The following documents should be submitted along with the application form.

  • SC Caste Certificate
  • Family income certificate
  • Housing certificate of Haryana
  • Age certificate from 18 to 35 years
  • Certificate of Educational Qualification (if any)
  • Copy of BPL Ration Card (if any)

Apply Online for Haryana Mahila Samriti Yojana 2021

If you have fulfilled all the eligibility criteria mentioned above and now have the documents, you can apply for this program. Haryana Mahila Samriti Yojana 2021 To apply under this, you have to follow the procedure given below.

  1. To get a loan under the scheme, you must first “Saral Haryana Official Website“It simply came to our notice then.
  2. Once you reach the website or website, you will see the option to sign in on the home page.
  3. Now if you have a login ID and password, enter it and login directly to the website.
  4. If you do not have an ID and password to log in, you will be asked “New user? Click the “Register Here” option.
  5. After this, a registration form will open on your screen in which you have to complete and submit all your details.
  6. After registering, you will need to sign in again on the homepage of the website.
  7. Once you are logged in, you will see the “View All Available Services” option that you need to click on the dashboard.
  8. After this you need to search for “Women’s Samriti Yojana” on this page and click on its link.
  9. On the new page that opens now, you will find the registration form to apply under this scheme.
  10. You will need to fill out this registration form with the correct correct information.
  11. After completing all the information you need to upload a soft copy of the required documents mentioned above.
  12. Before submitting the application online, double check all the information and finally click the “Submit” button to submit the form.

    Haryana Mahila Samriti Yojana

Sisters like this Haryana Mahila Samriti Yojana 2021 Must be submitted under Application Form Once the application form is submitted, it will be verified. Once the application process is complete and your application is approved, the grant will be sent to your bank account by the government.

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