Aadhar Card Correction 2021

Aadhar Card Correction 2021

Aadhar Card Correction 2021

To repair the Aadhaar card, there is an online service on the UIDAI website called Aadhar Card Update or Correction. On the Aadhar card, you can make the date of birth i.e. date of birth, your Aadhar card address, Aadhar card name correction and other corrections. How to fix Aadhar card is given at https://uidai.gov.in/. There you first have to search for the Aadhaar card by Aadhaar number or UIT number. After that you can edit the Aadhaar card online.

The procedure for editing e-Aadhar card is given here.

Aadhar Card Correction 2021-E Aadhar card correction online – uidai gov in

You can edit the Aadhar card online at the e-Aadhar official website at Uidai gov.in. For this you need Aadhar card details like registration number or Aadhar number, date of birth and registered mobile number. Aadhar card OTP or TOTP obtained at the mobile number is required for verification.

Aadhar Card Correction Online Form
Aadhar Card Correction Online Form

Aadhar Card Correction 2021-Online way to fix Aadhar card

There are two ways to fix the Aadhaar card online. The first way is to make corrections to the Aadhaar card in the SSUP portal. To do this you need to go to the SSUP login page https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/ssup/login.html To login.

  • Visit the Aadhar Card Sub Portal.
  • Open the SSUP sign-in page there.
  • Sign in to fix your Aadhaar card.
  • Enter the Aadhaar card number or virtual ID.
  • Enter the verification code i.e. the captcha code.
  • To edit the Aadhar card, enter the Aadhar card OTP obtained from the mobile number.
  • You can also edit the Aadhaar card by removing the TOTP from the M Aadhaar processor.
  • Enter the information you want to change in the edit form.
  • Upload Aadhar Card Editing Document.
  • Save your update request number i.e. Uran Number (URN).

You can then see the Aadhar card edit status or update status by the Aadhar card URN number.

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Aadhar Card Correction 2021-Transfer Aadhar card details to Aadhar Card Edit Center

You can also go to the Aadhar Card Editing Center to edit the Aadhar Card. The Aadhaar Card Center set up by UIDAI has a system to adjust the Aadhaar card. For this, you need to fill up the Aadhar Card Editing Form. In that form, you have to choose the option to change your information and corrections like Aadhar card address change, Aadhar card birth date change, Aadhar card name change or mobile number change. You can change the Aadhaar card zip code.

Amendment Rules at the Aadhaar Card Correction Center
Amendment Rules at the Aadhaar Card Correction Center

There is a representative at the Aadhaar Card Editing Center. The Aadhar card can be repaired through the Public Service Center or CSC.

How To Fix Aadhar Card In Aadhar Card Editing Center

  • Go to your nearest Aadhar Card Center
  • Take the Aadhar Card Editing Form and fill in its details.
  • Select the Aadhaar card details that you want to repair
  • Enter the new information and place a copy of its verification document.
  • Submit the amendment form to the Aadhaar Card Center Representative
  • Confirm your mobile number and OTP
  • Verify by biometric i.e. fingerprint
  • After adjusting the Aadhaar card, enter the SRN i.e. service request number.
  • Get an acknowledgment receipt for the amendment.

To change the information on the Aadhar card, take your e-Aadhar card attached mobile number to the Aadhar Card Editing Center.

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Aadhar Card Correction 2021-Aadhar card mobile number update

There is no online process to change Aadhar card mobile number. You need to go to the Aadhar Card Center to renew your Aadhar Card mobile.

  • Ask for the correction form at the Aadhaar Card Center
  • Enter the old Aadhaar card mobile number
  • Enter to update your new mobile
  • Check your fingerprint
  • Submit the Aadhar Card Amendment Form and mark the renewal request number
  • Check mobile number update status on ssup portal.

To fix the Aadhar card mobile number, you need to take the old registered mobile number with you. In addition, a copy of the Aadhaar card and biometric authentication are required.

Aadhar Card Correction 2021-E Aadhar Card Editing Services

The following facilities are available in the village of Udai to do e-Aadhar card correction online-

  • Aadhar card mobile number correction
  • Aadhar card name change
  • Change of Aadhar card address
  • Aadhar card father name correction
  • Aadhar card pin code change
  • Aadhar Card Date of Birth (Date of Birth) Correction

All the above facilities are available at the Aadhar Card Editing Center.

Aadhar Card Correction 2021-Online Aadhar Card Correction Form

You will need to download the Aadhar Card Edit Form to edit or edit the Aadhar Card online. In it, you have to write the details of editing the Aadhaar card and the purpose of the amendment. Also attach a copy of the source edit document.

The Aadhar Card Amendment Form can be downloaded in PDF and submitted to the Amendment Center. PDF edit form or update form should be printed. You will then need to write your information on your Aadhaar update form.

Aadhar Card Amendment Form for Aadhar Card Center
Aadhar Card Amendment Form for Aadhar Card Center

Complete Aadhar Amendment Form should be given to the Aadhar Card Correction Center Representative. After that the application form will be submitted and you will be given a receipt.

Download Aadhar Card Correction Form pdfDownload Tamil.

Aadhar Card Amendment Form – Aadhar Card Correction 2021?

How to fill Aadhar Card Editing Form?

For this, you need to give this information in the Aadhar Card Editing Form –

  • In the first part of the Aadhar Correction Form, you have the facility to edit the Aadhar card name. If you want to change the spelling of the name you can edit your Aadhar card name in the first section. Remember to bring name proof with you.
  • In the second section of the Aadhaar Correction Form you can change the date of birth or age. Write your date of birth in the form DD MM YYYY.
  • In the third section, there is a facility to change the Aadhaar card address. You must enter your new address there. Proof of address should be taken with you for address correction.

Aadhar Card Correction 2021-Documents required for Aadhar card amendment / renewal

Documents or documents given to amend the Aadhaar card should be attached.

Documents for Aadhar Card Change (Later)

  1. Passport
  2. pan card
  3. Ration / BDS photo card
  4. Voter ID card
  5. Driving license
  6. Government Photo ID
  7. NREGA Work Card
  8. Photo ID
  9. Arms license
  10. Photo Bank ATM Card
  11. Photo credit card
  12. Pensioner Photo Card
  13. Freedom Fighter Photo Card
  14. Cat Photo Passbook
  15. CGHS / ECHS photo card
  16. Address card with name and photo by post office
  17. Photo ID issued by Gazetted Officer
  18. Disability Identity Card / Disability Medical Certificate
  19. Pamasha card
  20. Certificate from approved shelters or orphanages
  21. MP
  22. Marriage certificate with photo
  23. RSBY card
  24. SSLC book with photo of applicants
  25. ST / SC / OBC certificate with photo
  26. School Certificate (SLC) / School Transfer Certificate (TC), with name and photo
  27. School Registration issued by the Head of School with name and photo
  28. Bank pass book with name and photo
  29. Identity card with name and photograph issued by an accredited educational institution, signed by the head of the institution for registration / renewal on the UIDAI quality certificate form.
  30. Identification certificate containing name, DOB and photograph issued by the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) in the form of UIDAI quality certificate for registration and renewal

Source list of birth date correction documents

  • Birth certificate
  • SSLC book / certificate
  • Date of Birth Certificate issued by Group A Gazetted Officer in the form of UIDAI Standard Certificate for Passport Registration / Renewal
  • Identity card with a certificate (in the form of UIDAI standard certificate for registration / renewal) or photograph and date of birth (DOB), duly signed and issued by a government official
  • Photo ID card issued by an accredited educational institution
  • pan card
  • Marksheet issued by any government board or university
  • Government Photo Identity Card / Photo Identity Card issued by Public Sector Undertaking DOB
  • Federal / State Pension Payment Order
  • Federal Health Service Project Photo Card or Ex-Servicemen Contribution Health Project Photo Card
  • School Leaving Certificate (SLC) / School Transfer Certificate (TC), Name and Date of Birth
  • Name of school records, date of birth and photo provided by the head of the school
  • Name, DOB and Identity Certificate issued by the Accredited Educational Institution UIDAI Certificate Form signed and renewed by the Head of the Institution.
  • Identity Certificate of Name, DOB and Photograph issued by the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) in the form of UIDAI Quality Certificate for Registration and Renewal

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