AePDS Stock Registration, Transaction Report 2021

AePDS Stock Registration, Transaction Report 2021

AePDS Stock Registration, Transaction Report 2021

There is a facility to take ration from EPOS or EPOS pass machine. For this, AePDS or Aadhaar enabled public distribution system is used. Each state of India has its own Aepds portal which contains the beneficiary’s ration distribution stock register, stock details, date wise transaction and shop wise transaction information. The ration exchange shop of EPDS or APOS is called the General Ration Distribution Center.

Here is information on APDS portal and EPOS of other states including Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana.

Ration. Check Delhi Ration Card status at .

AePDS Stock Registration, Transaction Report 2021 – All States

Here is the complete list of PDS portals for Aadhaar based public distribution system or EPOS (Point of Sale )-

AePDS Stock Registration, Transaction Report 2021-What is AePDS?

AePDS stands for Resource Based Public Distribution System. This includes the process of obtaining a ration card at a reasonable price. Ration card users can take ration at any POS center with the help of Aadhar card and biometric. AePDS varies from state to state.

Public Distribution System – AePDS

It is the Food Security Organization of India, which provides food grains such as wheat, rice and food items such as sugar and oil to the poor at subsidized rates by the Government of India. Kerosene is supplied under the Public Distribution System.


Fair Price Shop or FPS General Ration Distribution Center – AePDS

For the Aadhaar based public distribution system, a point of sale or point of sale called a ration distribution center was created. It is also known as FPS or Fair Price Shop.

AePDS Stock Registration, Transaction Report 2021-AePDS stock registration

Stock information is given online on each state’s AePDS portal. This information is provided under the Transparency Act. Store wise transactions and date wise transaction details will be displayed in the EPDS stock register.

Extensive transaction of Bihar Abids Stock Registry
Sample Report – Bihar Stock Exchange Date wise

How to view AePDS stock report

  • Visit your state’s official AePDS portal.
  • There, click on the Stock Register or Stock Description option.
  • Go to the FPS Stock Details page.
  • There, select the month in which the ration stock information is required.
  • Enter the name of the year
  • Enter the FPS information in the next section.
  • After this AePDS stock registration will come in front of you.

AePDS Stock Registration, Transaction Report 2021-AePDS Date wise transaction

To view AePDS transaction details by date, do the following –

  • Visit the publication report page by date on the Epos website.
  • Enter the AePDS ration shop number.
  • Select the month in which you want to view the transaction.
  • Select the year in which you want the report.
  • Then click the Submit button.

You will receive your state AePDS date wise transaction details.

AePDS Store wise transaction

Store wise ration transaction information is available on the AePDS portal. Its method is given below –

  • Open the website of the AePDS Portal.
  • Go to the shop wise transactions, BDS report or sales registration page.
  • Select month and year
  • Enter the ration shop number.
  • There are two options for transaction types – cash pds and cashless pds
  • Select one of the two and submit the form.
  • You will then receive shop wise transaction information.
Bihar provides stock transaction details
Sample Report – Bihar aepds shop wise transaction details

AePDS – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the full form of AePDS?

The full form of AePDS is the Aadhaar based public distribution system.

What is EPOS?

ePOS is for electronic point sales – a ration distribution center set up by the government.

What is AePDS Stock Registration?

AePDS Stock Exchange is an FPS account that holds information about the ration store’s reasonable price. This information is public. Under the Right to Information Act, you may ask for details of the AePDS Stock Exchange.

What is AePDS Cell Registration?


AePDS cell registration is a report of each FPS or EPOS transaction. In it, the sales list is written according to the date and the store.


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