Ahar Jharkhand gov checks on transaction 2021

Ahar Jharkhand gov checks on transaction 2021

Check the Jharkhand Food Exchange Report If you are a resident of Jharkhand, you can visit the Jharkhand BDS Portal and view the transaction report online. For this, you need to know the name of your Jharkhand ration card district and the name of the ration dealer. You can get the transaction report by visiting Ahar Jharkhand’s website. Check Jharkhand Ration Card Application Form.

See how to know the transaction report on Aadhar Jharkhand portal.

Ahar Jharkhand gov checks on transaction 2021-Ahar in Jharkhand Government Transaction Report

If you want to download all the distribution data of your ration card distributor, you can get the purchase sale and ration transaction details at https://aahar.jharkhand.gov.in/. Use the method described here.

Ahar Jharkhand gov checks on transaction 2021

How to get Ration Distribution Transaction Information on Jharkhand Agar Portal?

  1. Visit Aahar.jharkhand.gov.in
  2. Open the Transaction Report page
  3. Select Ration Merchant District
  4. Select block or municipal organization
  5. Choose your Jharkhand Food Ration Dealer
  6. Select the date
  7. Click the Search button
  8. Take Jharkhand food in exchange

This way you can check online dealer Agar Jharkhand transaction. Check the Bihar ration card here.

Ahar Jharkhand gov checks on transaction 2021-Transaction list of ration distribution in Agar Jharkhand village

You can also find the report on online ration distribution on the Ahar Jharkhand portal. Here is the list of food grains given under Atma Nirbar Bharat scheme and all related transactions.


Ahar Jharkhand gov checks on transaction 2021-Aahar Jharkhand Ration Exchange List 2021

District Name Distributed quantity of rice (kg) Pulse Distributed Volume (in kg)
Karwa 10210 1844
Chatra 1220 404
Kodarma 19810 328
Giritih 2810 702
Deogar 380 2
Koda 7730 1772
Sahibganj 1800 358
பாகூர் 2380 694
Dhanbad 660 2
Pokaro 3500 30
Lohardaka 720 402
Burby Singh too 7510 1206
Bridge 5180 1458
Lattehar 3770 1052
Hazaribagh 30110 240
Ramkar 1390 14
Dumka 2680 662
Jamtara 1430 378
Ranchi 5680 6
குந்தி 12490 138
Kumla 4850 1752
Simdeca 4610 656
Pachimi Singh too 4540 912
Saraikela-Karsavan 3330 716

Ahar Jharkhand gov checks on transaction 2021-aahar.jharkhand.gov.in Types of Transaction Reports

Find out what transactions are said in the Ahar Jharkhand government. In fact, in the Jharkhand Ration Card Report, there are transactions related to the seller’s statement i.e. the ration dealer, as well as the ration card holder i.e. holders.

Type of transaction reports given on Aahar.jharkhand.gov.in website

  • Ration Distribution – Monthly Distribution Report (NFSA), Monthly Distribution Self Reliance Scheme, Monthly Distribution (Non-NFSA)
  • Seller – Seller Details i.e. Merchant Information, Allocation Report, Stock Report, Card Holder Transaction Report

You will find all this information and details on the official Jharkhand Diet Portal. For more information you https://aahar.jharkhand.gov.in/ To go

See the list of digital ration card names here.

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