Punjab Grain Charcoal Portal Farmer Registration, Aarti License and Miller Certificate Application

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Punjab is one of the major rice and wheat producing states in our country. More than 90% of the population of the state is dependent on agriculture. With this in mind, the Government of Gujarat has launched a new portal for state farmers. The name of this portal Punjab Grain Purchase Portal There is.

Today, through this article, we will provide you with the complete process for farmer registration on the website. If you are also under this website Punjab Grain Purchase Portal Registration If you want to do that, you have to follow all the guidelines given in detail with us.

Punjab Anaj Karit Portal Registration 2021

The Congress government of Punjab wants it pds I.e. Public distribution system Or Department of Consumer Affairs and Catering To bring transparency to all citizens. The aim of the Punjab government is to protect farmers from middlemen and farmers. To buy food grains through this website, farmers need to register online.

Punjab Kisan Grain Purchase Portal Registration By doing this, farmers can sell their crops at a good price. State Government for Farmers Minimum support price I.e. Minimum retail price MSP But I will buy whole grains. It is a digital platform through which farmers do not have to register after running on their knees. All farmers can easily send their crops online by registering themselves through this website.

Punjab Anaj Karit Portal Highlights of Panchikaran

Punjab Grain Purchase Portal The main objective of launching this project is to ensure that farmers get the right price for their crops and that they are protected from the evil ones. Grain Purchase Portal Through this, the following types of services will be provided to the farmers of the state.

  • Initiated by the Department of Agriculture under the Government of Punjab Punjab Grain Purchase Portal Food grains in the state Public distribution system Accordingly, grains will be procured.
  • Farmers need to register online on this website before taking their grains to Mandi. Registration on Punjab Grain Purchase website The method of doing it is very simple.
  • Through this portal, the distance between farmers and plant owners in the state will be reduced.
  • According to official documents from the Punjab government, about 170 lakh metric tonnes of paddy will be procured from farmers under the public distribution system.
  • Raju’s farmers can get information of all the mills in the state through the online portal.
  • The state of Punjab has about 4150 miles to trade in paddy.
  • This website is an all-inclusive website. Under this, after registration of farmers and mills, the department will monitor the process to bring transparency in the process.

Anaj Kareet Portal Artia License Registration

If you are an economist working in Mandi, register under Punjabi Grain Purchase Portal and buy food grains from Mandi, we offer this method below.

  1. Your first to register financially Punjab Grain Purchase Portal To be continued.
  2. After reaching the website, you need to click on the Article License Registration option.
  3. After this, you have to fill in all the information asked in the registration form correctly.
  4. Once the registration form has deteriorated, you must press the submit button and submit online.
  5. After reaching your application form at the department, the concerned authorities will check it.
  6. When registering, you must enter the phone number from which you received the OTP.
  7. Your registration will be completed as soon as you enter the OTP at the given location.

Citizens of the State of Punjab should carefully follow all the guidelines mentioned above if they want to register as an Aarti or obtain an Aarti license. Make a note of your registration number by submitting your application form online.

Punjab Anaj Kareet Portal Miller Registration

If the farmers of the state of Punjab want to register themselves as Millers online and get the Miller Certificate, they should follow the guidelines given below to register online.

  • To get a Miller certificate, you must first register Punjab Grain Purchase Portal To be continued.
  • By you reaching the website Miller Registration Form should get
  • Now you do not have to fill in all the information requested in this registration form.
  • After the registration form dies, all the required documents should be uploaded along with it.
  • By the Department of Housing Mobile number An OTP will be sent
  • You must send this OTP Registration Form To be filled in the space provided.
  • Finally press the submit button and your Miller Record The application will be completed.

Thus the farmers of the state of Punjab Miller Certification I.e. Miller Certification You can register online to get it. After registration, make a note of your registration number, ie the application number, and keep it with you. This will allow you to track the status of your application in the future. For more information on the scheme, visit the official website of Punjab Grain Purchase Portal. Can be viewed.


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