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Inflation in the country is skyrocketing day by day. It is now more expensive to buy items for normal daily needs. The biggest reason for this is the price of diesel and petrol. We are all well aware that diesel and petrol are touching new prices every day. The government continues to increase taxes on diesel and petrol. In view of this problem, the Bihar State Government has launched a new scheme which will greatly benefit the farmers. The name of this project is Bihar Diesel Subsidy Scheme 2021 There is.

Our country is an agricultural country, the maximum part of the population is dependent on agriculture. The scheme was launched by the state government for farmers. We will give you Bihar through our Hisar Tikal Diesel Subsidy Scheme 2021 Provide complete information about. Through this article we Yojana 2021 with Bihar Diesel Provides detailed information on the application form, eligibility criteria, required document list, benefits and features of the program. If you too want to avail benefits under this scheme, apply as per the procedure given below.

What is Yojana 2021 with Bihar Diesel?

Most people in our country take care of their family through agriculture. Farmers in our country produce high quality crop with high technology. For this they have to use various types of agricultural machinery. Among the machines used for agriculture, some machines run on electricity and some use water or petrol.

Recently, the federal government raised diesel and petrol prices. Under the scheme, the Bihar state government will provide diesel to farmers at subsidized rates. This diesel can be used by farmers to operate farm machinery such as threshing, harvesting machine, tractor for sowing crops. Bihar Diesel Subsidy Scheme 2021 Under this, a certain amount of subsidy will be given when the farmer buys diesel. We tell you that earlier the state government gave a subsidy of ₹ 40 to farmers when they bought 1 liter of diesel. Recently, the subsidy has been increased to ₹ 50 per liter in the state government’s new budget.

Benefits under Bihar Diesel Subsidy Scheme 2021

By reading the information given above, you should know that the farmers of Bihar State will benefit from this scheme. We will now provide you with information about other benefits provided to farmers by the Bihar Diesel Subsidy Scheme through some of the points given below.

  • Bihar Diesel Subsidy Scheme 2021 If you want to avail the benefits under this, you need to register online first.
  • Farmers who register online will be given a subsidy of ₹ 50 to purchase diesel to run machinery for farming.
  • The government will provide a subsidy of ₹ 50 per liter to farmers who irrigate with diesel-powered pumpsets for agriculture.
  • If the farmer cultivates paddy, he will be given a subsidy of about 400 to buy diesel.
  • In addition, if the farmer grows crops such as medicinal crops, oilseeds, wheat, legumes, flowering plants or seasonal vegetables, the farmer will be given a diesel 400 diesel subsidy.
  • A unit of electricity used by the state government for agricultural purposes has been reduced from 96 paise per unit to 75 paise per unit.
  • In addition, if the transformer in your area is damaged for some reason, you can contact the electrical department directly.
  • The power department will take immediate action and change within 48 hours. This time limit was 72 hours and has now been removed.

Impact of Bihar Diesel Subsidy Scheme 2021

The farmer applying for only one word in the Eligibility Act under this scheme should be a resident of the State of Bihar. Bihar Diesel Subsidy Scheme 2021 We provide below the complete method to apply. To apply you need to submit the documents mentioned below.

  • Identity Card
  • Proof of address
  • Bank Account Passbook
  • Aadhar card
  • 10 digit mobile number
  • Passport size photo of the farmer
  • Agricultural Certificate
  • Diesel purchase receipt

Apply online for Yojana 2021 with Bihar Diesel

If you are also a farmer and use diesel to run farm machinery, this project will be of great benefit to you. Bihar Diesel Subsidy Scheme 2021 The procedure for applying below is given below.

  1. You must first apply Bihar Agriculture Department Official Website You need to open it on your computer.
  2. After clicking the link above, the home page of the official website will open on your screen.
  3. Here you need to click on the “Purchase Purchase Grant” option given.
  4. Clicking on the option mentioned above will open a new page on your screen, which is “Registration Form”.
  5. In this registration form you have to enter all the information like name of the farmer, type of subsidy, available cultivable land of the farmer.
  6. If you have not registered on the official website you will need to register online first.
  7. If you want to register as a partner online, you should read all the instructions before submitting the application form.
  8. Now you need to download the “Application Form” from the online website and fill out a print out of it.
  9. After that you have to upload the application form along with all the documents.

Yojana 2021 Assistance No. with Bihar Diesel

After submitting the application, your registration will be completed. You can thus apply for Bihar Diesel Grant Scheme 2021. If you need further information regarding this scheme, you can contact the Department of Agriculture directly. The telephone numbers to contact the department are given below.

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