Apply for Devaraj Government Loan 2021

Apply for Devaraj Government Loan 2021

Apply for Devaraj Government Loan 2021 Devraj Government 2021 Application Form Online – The Government of Karnataka has set up a website called DBCDC for Backward People. Launched by the Government of Karnataka, D Devaraj Ars Backward Classes Development Company , Government of Karnataka, for the benefit of the backward classes in the State. The official website of has an online application form for various government schemes. Please check the detailed information below in English and Kannada.

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Apply for Devaraj Government Loan Online application process

If you want to apply online for 2021 projects, applicants should first follow these steps.

How to apply online at

  • Go to the official website of
  • At the bottom of the page, find the online service
  • From the menu, select the type of program to apply.
  • Then click on the link to your project application form
  • An online form with instructions on how to apply online will appear
  • Fill out the form and submit

You can easily apply for online projects in Karnataka dbcdc Government of Karnataka .

DBCTC Karnataka Government Online Application 2021

MSME loan scheme

Apply for Devaraj Government Loan – All projects

What are the schemes available on website to apply online?


Here is a list of all government schemes that can be applied for on the DBCTC Karnataka Portal –

  • Saitanya grant and soft loan
  • D Devaraj Personal Loan Scheme
  • Micro loan scheme
  • Assistance to traditional artisans and industry groups
  • Ganga Kalyana Irrigation Project
  • Knowledge Education Credit Program
  • An interest-free loan for higher education at a foreign university
  • NBCFTC Programs (Term Loan, Education Loan, Micro Fund Scheme for Women Samriti Women, Micro Finance, Micro Loan for Individuals)
  • Karnataka
  • Madiwala Machideva of Karnataka
  • Karnataka Self Employment Scheme
  • Karnataka Mathiwala Machideva Gangakalyana Project
  • Knowledge of Karnataka Mathiwala Machideva

Life Mission 2021 Kerala

Apply for Devaraj Government Loan 2021-dbcdc 2021 Check the list of beneficiaries

Applicants can also check the list of beneficiaries of various schemes under dbcdc 2021 Beneficiary Details option. To view the list of 2021 Beneficiaries in DBCTC Government of Karnataka on the website, use the following procedure –

  • Go to
  • Discover the ‘Services and Plans’ section
  • Scroll down to the Users List option
  • Select 2021-21 as the project year
  • Select your category
  • Click that link to check your name in the list of users.

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Apply for Devaraj Government Loan 2021-Devaraj Government Loan 2021 Application Form in Kannada

The Devaraj Government Loan Scheme is a loan scheme of the Government of Karnataka, De Devaraj Ars Backward Classes Development Corporation. Credit details are given below –

The name of the project D Devaraj Personal Loan Scheme
Type of project Finance
Power D Devaraj Ars Backward Classes Development Company
Official website
Beneficiary Backward people of Karnataka
loan amount Rs. 50000
Loan subsidy 30% or maximum Rs.10000
Debt interest rate 4% per annum

Check out The Devaraja Raja Self Employment Personal Loan Scheme Click here for details

Download the form here –


Apply for Devaraj Government Loan 2021-Devaraj Government 2021 Online Application Form Process

How to fill up Devaraj Government 2021 Application Form Online?

  • Go to
  • Open the application for Self-Employment / Traditional Professional Credit / Small Loan Scheme
  • Provide applicant credit information
  • Enter the caste, the name of the loan scheme, the purpose and amount of the loan.
  • Provide the name, gender, DOB, parent details of the applicant.
  • Enter the applicant’s current address
  • Provide caste and income certificate information
  • Specify the family’s annual income
  • Provide project details
  • Specify your bank details, account number, IFSC code, etc.
  • Upload the required documents
  • Submit Application Form for Devaraj Government Loan

Apply for Devaraj Government Loan 2021

You can apply online for Devaraj Government Loan in 2021.

Apply for Devaraj Government Loan 2021-Documents required for Devaraj Government loan

Upload the following documents along with the application form (whichever is applicable) –

  • Aadhar certificate of the applicant
  • Caste certificate of the applicant
  • Certificate of disability of the applicant
  • Widow certificate of the applicant
  • Immovable property bond for protection of most debts from the applicant
  • Aadhar Certificate of Bail
  • Each of the bank details of the applicant
  • Picture of the applicant

After uploading all these documents, your application for Devaraj Government Loan will be submitted.


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