Apply for ECHS Card Online 2021

Apply for ECHS Card Online 2021

Apply for ECHS Card Online 2021

ECHS cards are issued to ex-servicemen, known as 64 KB ECHS smart cards. Today we provide you with information on the process of applying for an ECHS card online and how to apply for it online. Here is the smart card making process, documents and other information required for the ECHS card. See – E-ID card

See here for more details on ECHS Card Online Application.

Apply for ECHS Card Online 2021

ECHS Card Registration Process in Hindi – How to Create an ECHS Smart Card

Download all types of Smart Card Application Form from the official website of ECHS Card at You will then need to fill out an online application form or ECHS Card Online Application Form. See below how many types of ECHS cards there are.

ECHS Smart Card Applications Online

Types of ECHS Card Application Form –

  • Prospective retiree
  • Temporary ticket holder
  • Old card holder
  • Retired before 1996
  • Retired from 1996 to March 2003
  • Retired non-member after 2003
  • In case of death while in service
  • If 16 kb card is lost
  • If the temporary ace is lost
  • If 32 kb card is lost
  • If 64 KB card is lost

The smart card can be applied online in all the above types of applications.

Apply for ECHS Card Online 2021

How to apply for ECHS card online?

  1. Visit
  2. Ex-servicemen contribute health plan
  3. Open the 64 KB Smart Card Application Form online
  4. Select the application type
  5. Enter the server name
  6. Enter the prefix, service number and suffix
  7. Enter mobile number and other information
  8. Submit the form and register online

Apply for ECHS Card Online 2021

Your registration will be done after this. After completing the registration form you can fill up the ECHS card online application.

Railway Medical Card Trust

Who can register for ECHS card? – Eligibility level

They are eligible to apply for a smart card online at –

  • Ex-serviceman pensioner
  • Wife in case of marital dispute
  • World War II retiree
  • SSCOs are retirees
  • Retired PMR retiree
  • ECOs are retired

All of these are eligible and the smart card can be applied for online.

How to Fill ECHS Card Online Application Form?

After registration you can fill up the online application form. For this you need to use the method described here.

  1. Register at
  2. Enter the mobile number on the next page
  3. Enter your password
  4. Enter the OTP and sign in
  5. Click on the online application form for prospective pensioners
  6. Upload photo
  7. Enter a copy of the signature
  8. Enter the service number and email
  9. Select the Poly Clinic and select the area
  10. Add a name to add a function
  11. Save the application and click on I Agree
  12. After this you have to pay the ECHS card online
  13. Complete the ECHS Card Online Application

Apply for ECHS Card Online 2021


So you can apply for ECHS card online in the way mentioned above. This method is used to apply for a smart card online. Check the ECHS card status here.

How to activate ECHS card? – ECHS card activation process

Once your smart card application is complete, you will need to activate your ECHS card. How to implement it –

  • Receive smart card message from station headquarters
  • Mark the mobile number given in it
  • <இடைவெளி> <அட்டை எண்> See
  • Send and activate the message to your ECHS card

This way your new ECHS smart card will be activated.

About the ECHS Smart Card

About the ECHS Smart Card

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