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Apply Online for Locking in KSP Clear Pass Inter-District Pass Karnataka

Online pass for locking in Karnataka – Online process of Karnataka State Police Lockdown Pass KSP Clear Pass Application is provided here. For the locking journey, everyone has to log on to the KSP Clear Pass website and fill up the registration form for the online locking pass in Bangalore, Karnataka. Then, the applicant will be issued a KSP Inter-District Pass for locking.

KSP Clear Pass Application Form Online

You can check the online application form for KSP Clear Pass through the KSP Clear Pass App. The KSP Clear Pass app is available for free on the Play Store. Anyone in Bangalore who wants a Bangalore Police Pass or KSP Pass Lockdown can go to the Play Store and download the KSP Clear Pass processor to install. Apply for Online Locking Pass in Karnataka.

Download the KSP Clear Pass App

To download the KSP Clear Pass processor, use the following link – . If you can’t download the KSP Clear Pass Android Processor, go to the My Kate website and download the APK file. Install KSP Clear Pass APK Online on your Android phone to apply Locking and Pass in Karnataka.

KSP Inter-District Pass

The KSP Interdistrcit Pass can be applied for at For that, you need the following requirements –

Requirements for clear mastery of the KSP Inter-District

  • Mobile number
  • OTP
  • Source number
  • Travel information
  • Vehicle information
  • Travel details such as source and destination
  • Number of people traveling

How to apply online for KSP Clear Pass or Inter-District Qualification?

  • Go
  • Then enter your mobile number and login.
  • Use your one-time password or KSP Clear Pass OTP to sign in.
  • Fill in the application form or registration form there.
  • Submit and upload documents.
  • Then, complete the registration process and create an e-pass online.
  • KSP Pass will be issued to you via SMS.

You can apply for KSP Clear Pass in Karnataka online.

Clear the KSP Pass login page

The registration page for KSP Clear Pass is also known as the KSP Clear pass login page. The login page requires your mobile number and OTP username and password. Login to the KSP Portal –

  • Go to the KSP login page
  • Enter your mobile number in the Username section
  • Wait for OTP on the phone
  • Enter the OTP and sign in

Online pass for locking in Karnataka

Karnataka State Police provides online e-pass for locking in Karnataka. For that, people have to provide some details to the police. When those details are verified, the police will provide you with an embassy for locking up in Karnataka.

Watch this video to know more about My Gate KSP Clear Pass for Locking in Karnataka –

Locking Pass in Karnataka – Eligibility

KSP Clear Pass for Locking in Karnataka is valid only under the following conditions –

  • Applicant is in Karnataka and Bangalore only.
  • The applicant has a valid identity card
  • The applicant needs an emergency trip
  • Applicant must be over eighteen years of age
  • The applicant has uploaded the correct document to verify the locking pass.

If these cases are passed, the applicant will be issued an e-pass for locking in Karnataka.

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