Apply Vijay Thevarakonda Foundation Online 2021

Apply Vijay Thevarakonda Foundation Online 2021

Apply Vijay Thevarakonda Foundation Online 2021

South Indian actor Vijay Thevarakonda Kovit-19 started the Vijay Thevarakonda Foundation to help people during epidemics. Those who wish to seek help from the Vijay Thevarakonda Foundation can visit the website and submit the online application form. Details about it are given here.

Apply Vijay Thevarakonda Foundation Online 2021- Ask for help

The application form is available on the website of Vijay Thevarakonda Foundation. The form can be opened by clicking on the link asking for help. Anyone who qualifies and needs money or other assistance can go to the website and click the Ask Help button.

After that, you will find the application form for Govt-19 support online.

Apply Vijay Thevarakonda Foundation Online 2021-The middle class finance application form is currently disabled

The Vijay Thevarakonda Foundation started helping people through their website. But recently, the Foundation has received more than 70,000 applications. The Vijay Thevarakonda Foundation website has now stopped accepting the new application as the amount of contribution is not enough to provide support to many families.

Wait for the Help button to reactivate. Then, you can apply for support again online.

Click here to visit the website –

For any more information,queries,data or anything else, please feel free to contact us through any platforms.



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