Axis Bank Credit Card Bill Payment Online

Axis Bank Credit Card Bill Payment -There are many ways to pay Axis Bank credit card bills, one can pay through Net Banking, Bill Desk and Debit Card.

Various methods of paying Axis Bank credit card bill

Axis Bank Credit Card Holders can make payments online or offline before the due date to avoid late payment issues.

Axis Bank Credit Card Bill Payment

Procedure for making payments by debit card / ATM

  • Any Axis Bank customer can visit the nearest Axis Bank ATM lobby to pay their credit card bills.
  • In the ATM machine, click on the menu, press Other Services, and then double-click on the Bill Payment option.
  • Enter your credit card number and make the payment.
  • Fees will be clear on the same day.

Credit card bill payment will be made by auto debit

In today’s busy schedule it is very difficult to remember the bill payment date. This can lead to penalties and a bad effect on your credit score. Therefore, to avoid such a situation customers can register themselves in the Auto Debit system from their print bank savings account. This allows you to automatically debit the amount set to the exact place where the bill is paid.

Axis Bank Credit card payment using electronic approval service from ECS

  • The ECS system is similar to the Auto Debit facility. In this you can also instruct your non-Axis bank account to debit the card bill.
  • Applications have the facility to choose whether he wants to pay the full amount or the minimum amount he wants to pay.
  • The cardholder now has to go to the bank branch and fill out the form and amount he wants to debit every month.

Cheque – IFHRMS login

Axis Bank Credit card payment through the Net Banking process

  • Enter your Net Banking ID and Password to visit the Axis Net Banking Official Page.
  • Click on the Credit Card section from the menu path and select the Pay Bill buttons.
  • Enter your credit card number and the amount to be debited and double check the Submit button.
  • The amount debited will be transferred on the same working day.

Credit card bill payment through Axis Mobile Processor

  • Download the Print Mobile app on your Android phone.
  • Register your net bank details or Axis Bank debit card now.
  • Open the app now after installation and you can pay your credit card bills from this mobile app.
  • All payments made will be cleared on the same day.

Axis Bank Credit Cards Bill Payment via SMS System

  • You need to send an SMS to make the payment.
  • You will need to type in the last 6 digits of your Axis Bank Savings Account, the amount of the payment and the last 4 digits of your credit card.
  • Send a message to Oho 5676782 and type CCP 41114 560 2921.
  • The cardholder must have an Axis Bank savings account or current account and a registered mobile number and email ID to avail this service.
  • Payment will be made on the same day.

Print credit card payments using cash

  • Axis Bank customers have the facility to pay credit card bill directly in cash.
  • Go to the nearest Axis Bank branch and pay for each transaction and a nominal fee of one hundred rupees will be charged.
  • The bank will transfer the money on the same day.

Payment by Axis Bank Credit Card Bill Check

  • The credit card holder has to deposit a check at the nearest print bank branch.
  • A check from the same bank usually takes a day.

Axis Bank Credit Card Payment Using Other Banks Net Bank

NEFT, RTGS, UPI and bill desk are some other ways to pay the bill. But all of these processes usually take three working days to pay.

Credit card bill payment through NEFT using IFSC code

  • To use the NEFT method the credit card must first be added as a beneficiary.
  • Open the official bank bank account website page.
  • Double-tap the funds transfer option and a menu bubble will appear at the top of the screen.
  • Continue further and click on the NEFT option.
  • Select Print Bank Credit Card from the given list of beneficiaries.
  • Enter the amount and pay.

Cheque HGS Login Portal

Credit card bill payment through RTGS with IDSC code

The total payment is Rs. RTGS service is useful if above. 2 lakhs. For this the user must first register to access this process.

  • Open the official website of Print Bank Net Bank.
  • The Home page will now appear under the Financial Transfer tab, click on the Add User option.
  • User details are as follows: User Name and Bank Branch and Account Name, Print Bank Credit Card Bill IFSC Code.
  • You can now log in to the Net Banking page once the registration process is complete.
  • Now click on the RTGS option.
  • Click on the list of beneficiaries and select Print Bank Credit Card and fill in the payment amount.
  • Carefully check all the details and confirm the payment.

Credit card bill payment through bill desk

  • Visit the Official Credit Card Bill Desk Portal.
  • Fill in your print credit card details and click on the bank where you want to make the payment.
  • Double-click on the Pay Now tab and enter your debit card details and confirm the payment now.
  • The money will be debited from the account and paid on the same day.

Payment of credit card bill by Visa cash transfer

Axis Bank credit card holders have the option to make payments through the Visa money transfer process. They choose from Net Banking or Visa Debit Card. But this process mainly depends on the bank where you receive the services. It takes about two working days to clear the amount once the transaction is completed.

Credit card bill payment via UPI using IPSC code

Registration process

  • Open the Mobile Banking app and select the UPI tab.
  • Now create an SMS with your computer and create your UPI ID.
  • Select the account number associated with the UPI ID.

Payment process

  • Now log in to the mobile banking app again.
  • Click on the payment option that appears in the menu bar.
  • Now pay your bill using the account number and add the bank IFSC code.
  • Enter the amount and confirm the payment.


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