Ban card token number details 2021

Ban card token number details 2021

Ban card token number details 2021

At the time of applying for the PAN card, you will need to fill out an online application form. This online PAN card application is done on the NSDL website. At each step, you will be given a token number called the PAN Card Application Token Number. Check the liquor purchase token or ketocon here.

Sometimes you forget this token number. In such a situation, you will not be able to proceed to the next stage of the ban card application. You will be notified of the NSDL token number.

Ban card token number search
Ban card token number search

Ban card token number details 2021-How to get PAN card application token number?

If you have completed the application form but your token number does not arrive in the mail or mobile number, you should follow this procedure to search for the Bancard token number –

  • Ban Card Application Website To go
  • Go to Application Mode i.e. Application Mode Option.
  • Select Registered User ie Registered User Mode and proceed.
  • If you forget your token number, go to the next screen.
  • There is a facility to get token number from email address and date of birth.

Submit your details on the form and get the Ban Card Token Number.

Ban card token number details 2021-Use of token number in PAN card application

A temporary token number is provided when applying for a ban card. This token number acts as your application reference number. Whenever you drop the application halfway through, your Bancard application information will be stored on your token number.

After that when you start refilling the application, you do not have to enter the same information again. All you have to do is use your token number and your application will be restarted.

Therefore, you should always remember or register the ban card token number.

Check the Pan Aadhaar connection status

Ban card token number details 2021-Ban card status tracking using token number

Ban card token number level check

To check Bancard status by token number, do –

Click here to check PAN card status online

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