Bank account with Aadhar card 2021

Bank account with Aadhar card 2021

After opening a bank account with Aadhar card, KYC is mandatory in all banks. Anyone can open their bank account with the help of Aadhar card. In such a situation, if you forget your bank account number or miss your bank passbook, you can get the bank account number information from the Aadhaar card. What do you need to do for this? Today we will tell you how to withdraw a bank account with a reference number. See Jan Tan Yojana List 2021 .

Bank account with Aadhar card 2021- Check bank account balance with Aadhar card

All banks now offer the facility of withdrawing money from the Aadhaar card and withdrawing account information online. If you wish, you can obtain your bank information or account balance from the reference number. For this you need to use the method described here.

Bank account with Aadhar card 2021-Check the bank account balance with the Aadhaar card

  • First go to the nearest mini branch or CSP center
  • Give your Aadhar card there
  • Provide reference number and request for balance verification
  • Name your bank
  • Check the biometrics
  • Check your bank account balance
  • Get the bank account information printed by the representative.

This way, you can get your bank account balance and account number information with the help of Aadhar card.

Bank account with Aadhar card 2021

Get Bank Account Number with Aadhar Card – Get Bank Account Number from Aadhar Card

You have an easy facility to know the bank account number from the Aadhaar card. Get your bank account number from Aadhar card on mobile in the following way –

  • Open the dial pad on the mobile
  • Get the mobile number registered in the bank account.
  • Dial * 99 * 99 #.
  • There you will be asked for your reference number.
  • Enter the short form of your account.
  • Write SBI to State Bank
  • The account number will be displayed to you.

This way you can get bank account information from Aadhar card with USSD number or toll free number. See – All Jan registered her plan account mobile


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