Battlefields Mobile India Pre-Registration Link Update

To the delight of all Battle Royale fans across the country, Cropton Inc. has finally announced the much-anticipated registration phase for Battlefields Mobile India. Pre-registration for PUBG Mobile India or Battleground Mobile India will start this month. PUBG Battlefield India Mobile Game was announced on May 6, 2001. Now, fans are searching all over the internet for new information regarding its release date and pre-registration.

Cropton has officially announced that pre-registration for Mobile India on the battlefields will start from May 18, 2021. However, the South Korean gaming company also revealed that pre-registered players will have the opportunity to request specific awards.

Battlefield Mobile India Poster

Battlefields India Pre-Registered Google Play Store Link

Battlefield India pre-registration link will be provided on Play Store website and app. There is good news for all the fans of Battle Ground Mobile India game and finally the Google Play Store link appeared on the official battlefields mobile India website portal. All interested players are expected to visit the Google Play Store. Even when clicking on the link given in the official portal, the Play Store pre-registered link will only open.

Battlefields Mobile India pre-registration process

How to pre-register Battlefield India?
All interested players are requested to follow the steps below to register before the Mobile India game on the battlefields. You can search the game in the store or use the link given on the official website portal.

  1. Visit the Official Battlefields Mobile India page on the Google Play Store.
  2. Tap the Pre-register option.
  3. After that players have to click on the pre-register option.
  4. Then a dialog box will appear asking them to click on the OK option.
  5. Complete pre-registration on Battlefield Mobile India
Battlefield Mobile India Pre-Registration Update

Battlefields Mobile India Release Date

Cropton announced that the pre-registration link for Wars Mobile India will be live from May 18, 2001. Although South Korean video game developer Krapton has announced a pre-registration date for the much-anticipated game under the new name PUBG Mobile. Although the original game was banned in India in September last year with several Chinese applications, this is how they are going to launch the game now.

Pre-registration for Wars Mobile India is live on Google Play Store from May 18. There is no word on when the game will be released, but it will be soon as soon as the pre-registration link goes live. However, it is not clear when the game will be released on iOS. The company announced that there will be several specific awards that all of those fans will be entitled to only if they register before the game.

Other announcements

Age restrictions, cost limits and other things that have been confirmed

When we talk about teenagers and younger audiences, Krapton tries to solve all the problems surrounding drugs. Due to its privacy policy for the upcoming game, players under the age of 18 will have to face some new restrictions. They must register for the game with a phone number owned by their parents or guardians. However, it is not clear how the Mobile India battlefields will age and what process will be used.


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