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Labarati Pension Vivran Deke Haryana

The Government of Haryana and Bihar have created a portal called Beneficiary Pension Details for viewing pension details. Any pension beneficiary can view his pension details on this social website. This facility is also known as beneficiary pension profile monitoring. For this, the applicant needs his pension ID, account number i.e. account number or reference number of his pension.

The way to view pension details is explained in detail below. Government of Bihar for this E Beneficiary A pension portal has been created in the name. The Haryana government has launched a website called Social Justice Haryana. Beneficiaries can check their pension details on both these websites.

How to view Haryana beneficiary pension details

Beneficiaries of various pension schemes of the Government of Haryana such as old age pension, widow’s pension and disability pension scheme are given a pension ID to view his pension payment status, pension history, statement, passbook, account details etc. With the help of this pension ID, the pension details of the beneficiary are revealed.

Below is a list of pension details –

  1. Visit the Haryana Government’s Social Justice website.
  2. There, click on the link to view pension details.
  3. There are three ways to view the beneficiary’s pension details.
  4. Choose one of them.
  5. Select one of the pension ID, reference number and account number.
  6. Then enter your ID number.
  7. Enter the security code and submit the form.
  8. Click the View / Details button.
  9. Beneficiary’s pension details will appear there.
Labardi Apna Pension Vivran Deke

This way any pensioner can get his pension details. If you want, you can download the beneficiary pension details in PDF.

Click here to see pension details.

Haryana Pension List 2021

Haryana Pension List has been released for the list of pension applicants like Haryana Old Age Pension, Disability Pension. This list is block wise or municipality wise. For this, you need to visit the Haryana Social Justice Pension Portal and open the pension list.

Here is a list of Haryana pension lists –

  1. First open the Haryana Beneficiaries List page.
  2. Open the form to see the list of beneficiaries by block / municipality.
  3. Write the name of the district, area, municipality, village or ward.
  4. Select the name of the pension.
  5. Open the Haryana Pension List according to Beneficiary ID, Beneficiary Name or Account Number.
  6. Enter the security code and see the list of users.
  7. After this the list of Haryana Pension Beneficiaries will appear in front of you.
Labarati Pension Vivran Deke Haryana

You can open Haryana’s pension list in the way given above.

Click here to see the pension list.

What pension details can be found in the list of pension beneficiaries?

The pension list given by the bank will be provided including Bank / Post Office Name / Bank / PO Name Account Number / Account Number / IFSC Bank or Post Office Bank or Post Office Beneficiaries Upload / Father-Husband Name / Beneficiary Name / F_H Name Date.


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