Bihar Chad Bar Horticulture Project 2021 Online Application

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This article has some good news for the farmers of Bihar who want to do horticulture. Through our today’s article we have brought you information about the new project for Bihar State Horticulture Lovers. The name of such a project Roof Gardening Project 2021 I.e. Roof Gardening Project 2021.

State farmers interested in horticulture can apply and get financial assistance under this scheme. This is a golden opportunity for the citizens of Bihar who want to earn by horticulture. By submitting the application form under this scheme, you can start earning a lot every month. We will provide you with this through our article today Bihar Terrace Horticulture Project 2021 Below we provide the complete procedure for applying.

Bihar Roof Garden Project 2021

Millions of young people have lost their jobs in the last 2 years due to the corona virus. Along with this, huge losses are also seen in big businesses and businesses. The employment problem in the state of Bihar is spreading day by day. State citizens are forced to leave their home state and move to other states, even for daily wage work. The Bihar state government has this problem in mind Roof Gardening Project 2021 Has been launched.

The state government wants the expulsion of youth to be stopped soon. In this direction, the Chad Nichai Yojana has already been implemented by the Government of Bihar. Moving forward in this line, the roof gardening project has been launched by the Bihar Ministry of Agriculture. Unemployed citizens of the state can get employment at home by applying under this scheme. You can grow flowers and trees on your terrace and earn a good monthly income through gardening. The scheme here is an opportunity for the working citizens of the state to earn sonar money.

Eligibility for Bihar Chad Par Bhagwani Yojana

If the citizens of Bihar state who want to do horticulture want to plant flowers or fruit trees on their terrace, they have to meet the eligibility conditions given below to apply under this scheme.

  • Akshay citizens who own their own house or live in flats where they can get free space can apply under this scheme.
  • The applicant must have more than 300 square feet of free space on the roof of his house.
  • Citizens living in flats are required to register.
  • Citizens living in apartment buildings must first obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to garden on their terrace.
  • The applicant must be from Bihar.
  • Citizens who wished to do roof gardening were required to submit a certificate of possession of 75% of the house along with the application form.

Booking terms under the roof garden

Bihar Terrace Horticulture Project 2021 Under this, booking facility has been made by the Department of Agriculture. Information on the benefits provided to the allotted category under this scheme is illustrated by the points below.

  • Up to 30% reservation has been given to women under this scheme.
  • In addition, the 16% reservation was adjusted to 1% for underprivileged citizens and tribal citizens.
  • Policies and guidelines for reservation are also changed from time to time by the Government of Bihar.

By the points mentioned above, you should have information about the reservation percentage under Roof Horticulture Plan 2021. Below are some other conditions to apply under this scheme.

  • A citizen of Bihar state can set up a maximum of two horticultural units on the roof of his house.
  • Citizens who garden in the apartment can get permission to place a maximum of 5 units on their terrace.
  • Interested citizens of Bihar can apply online and avail the grant.

Roof Garden Area (Bhagwani Yojana)

Citizens who want to start a monthly income through their home roof garden must meet all of the conditions listed below.

  • Portable farming method (40 sq. Ft. Growing area + 30 sq. Ft. Walking area) – 3
  • Organic Gardening Kit (1 size / 3 months) – 4
  • With PST (plastic) plate – 15
  • Fruit Bag (22 Inch X 22 Inch X 24 Inch) – 10
  • Fruit plants – 10
  • Sapling Plate (2 Plates / Season) – 3
  • Hand sprayer – 1
  • Kurbi – 2
  • On-site support visit of agronomist and trainee (24 times in 1 year) – 24
  • Freight and installation – 1

Apply Online for Bihar Chat Bur Bhagwani Yojana

The application process under the Roof Horticulture Scheme initiated by the Government of Bihar is given below.

  1. Citizens of Bihar State Roof Gardening Project 2021 Those who want to apply under the Department of Horticulture should first go to the official website.
  2. After opening the website page on your screen, you need to click on the “Agree and Continue” option.
  3. After clicking on the option mentioned above, the application form will open on your screen.
  4. Now you have to fill in all the information asked in this application form correctly.
  5. After completing the full application form, all the required documents should be uploaded online.
  6. After completing the entire application form, submit your application online by pressing the Submit button.

  • By following the guidelines mentioned above, you Bihar Terrace Horticulture Project 2021 You can submit an application form for this. After submitting the online application form and its approval, the government will send the money directly to the bank account of the beneficiary citizen. Citizens applying under the scheme will be provided 25000 by the Bihar Agriculture Department.

Subsidy amount under roof garden

Bihar Terrace Horticulture Project 2021 Under this, the subsidy amount will be paid by the State Government to the selected citizens in their bank account. The subsidy provided under this scheme will be provided to the citizens who set up the roof garden to protect their trees from harmful pests.

  • Citizens with more than 300 square feet of roof space will receive a grant of ₹ 25,000 from the government.
  • In addition, the government will provide a 50% subsidy for horticulture.
  • Horticultural citizens can purchase a variety of resources with this grant.
  • One can buy horticultural essentials such as scrap, pesticides, trays, vegetable and flower seeds, fertilizers, pesticides etc.
  • If the homeowner owns it, citizens will be allowed by the state government to set up the unit only on 300 square feet.

Check the condition of the Bihar roof garden

After submitting the online application form, you need to print out the receipt. You will be given an application number on this receipt. With this number you can track the status of your application in the future. Follow the procedure outlined below to track your application status online.

  • You will need to re-visit the official website after applying online.
  • Now click on the “Get Status” option on the homepage of the website.
  • Clicking on the option above will open a new page on your screen.
  • You must fill in your “application number” in the space provided on this page.
  • After filling the application number in the given space of the online page, you have to press the “Submit” button.
  • If you click on the button mentioned above, “Application Status” will appear on your screen.

By following the guidelines mentioned above, you can reach Bihar Chaat. Horticulture Project 2021 You can submit your application online. You have to fill in all the information in the application form correctly. If any discrepancies are found in your application form or documents by the department officials, the department has the full right to cancel your request with immediate effect.

Citizens of the state can earn a substantial income through roof gardening every month. The scheme has emerged as a boon to the unemployed youth of the state. Citizens of the state can start earning from home by planting trees like fruits, flowers, vegetables on the roof of their house. See the official website of the Bihar State Department of Agriculture for more details.


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