Bihar Kushal Yuva Project 2021

Bihar Kushal Yuva Project 2021


Bihar Kushal Yuva Project

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Millions and millions of people have lost their businesses, jobs and jobs since the spread of the corona virus epidemic in the country, the biggest impact of which has affected the youth of Bihar state. Millions of people are unemployed in Bihar. With this in mind, the Bihar state government has launched a new scheme to provide employment to the youth. The name of this project Bihar Kushal Youth Project 2021.

This Bihar Kushal Youth Project Yojana 2021 Under this, the state government will launch a skills training program for all unemployed youth in the state. By getting skill training under this scheme, the youth of the state can get a good job or start their own job. Today, through our article, we provide you with complete information about this project. You will know how you can apply for this project, what are the eligibility rules for this, what documents are required for the fuel and what is the purpose of Bihar government to start this project. You are all requested to read this article in its entirety by the end.

Bihar Kushal Yuva Project 2021-What is Bihar Kushal Yuva Project?

What is Bihar Skills Youth Plan 2021 => It is a capacity building project initiated by the Government of Bihar. The project was launched on 16 December 2016 by the State Government. The project was launched a long time ago, but to revive it, a new budget was passed by the state government, in which a separate amount has been earmarked to promote the project.

Bihar Community Youth Project Yojana 2021 (Bihar Kushal Youth Project Yojana 2021) Only youths who have passed Class X and are between 15 and 28 years of age can apply under this. After enrolling under this scheme, all the beneficiaries will be imparted soft skills training on basic computer education, communication skills, life skills and many other areas to the youth so that they can get employment in the future or get their own job. Jobs can be opened.

The scheme will help increase employment of all youth in the state. All registered youth will be trained through the training center. According to the state government, a total of 1102,000 youths have been trained since the inception of the scheme. In addition, 11000 new training centers have been opened across the state. Initially only 48 centers for 1978 youth were run in the state of Bihar. But over time, the publicity of the project increased and the man became popular.

Bihar Kushal Yuva Project 2021-Age limit to apply for Bihar Kushal Youth Scheme 2021

What is the age limit for Kushal Yuva Project 2021 Bihar =>? Under the Bihar Skills Youth Scheme, different age limits have been fixed for the allotted categories and categories. Category wise age limit information is given below.

  • General ie 15 to 28 year old general category youth can apply for this.
  • The age limit for other backward classes i.e. other backward class or OBC category is 15 to 31 years.
  • The age range for SC and ST category i.e. SC and ST category is 15 to 33 years.
  • The age limit for young people under the disability category is 15 to 33 years.

According to the above age range, all the youth in Bihar Kushal Yuva Project 2021 You can apply online. Now we will give you some other information about this project.

Bihar Kushal Yuva Project 2021-The main objective of the Bihar Kushal Youth Project is 2021

What is the purpose of Bihar Kushal Youth Project 2021 =>? The scheme will be very useful for the youth initiated by the Bihar government. The main objective of this program is to increase employment opportunities by training young people. Bihar Kushal Youth Project Yojana 2021 All beneficiary registered applicants will be trained under various courses. With the help of the training given, they can get employment of their choice in the future.

With the help of this scheme, the unemployment rate in Bihar will be reduced and the economic condition of the state will improve. The program will help state youth gain self-confidence and empower them. Training for all courses under this scheme will be provided free of cost by the State Government. No fee will be charged from any applicant for registration or for any course. The economic status of the youth of the state will also improve after getting training and employment under the Talented Youth Scheme.

Bihar Kushal Yuva Project 2021-Highlights of Bihar Kushal Youth Project 2021

Key Points under Bihar Skills Youth Plan 2021 Plan => The key points under this Talented Youth Program 2021 are given below.

  • Three types of courses are included under this scheme initiated by the State Government, firstly Communication Skills, Second Life Skills and Third General Basic Computer Education.
  • The duration of the entire course for all courses under the program is approximately 240 hours. All registered youth will be trained for a limited time only.
  • 80 hours for communication skills, 40 hours for life skills and 120 hours for basic computer education are set within the specified time frame.
  • All beneficiary applicants will be trained through e-learning system i.e. online system and evaluated upon completion of training.
  • Upon completion of the training, all the qualified beneficiaries will be certified and they will be appointed as trainers in other training centers.

Bihar Kushal Yuva Project 2021-Payment under Bihar Kushal Youth Scheme 2021

How much will it cost to train under Bihar Skills Youth Scheme 2021 =>? All beneficiaries have to pay some nominal fee to get training under this scheme. The details of the fees to be deposited under this are as follows.

  • When applying under the scheme, form 3000 registration form fee is required to be deposited.
  • To get the training, the applicant has to pay a connection fee of one thousand rupees.
  • Upon completion of the chicken process, the applicant must pay a fee of ₹ 500 at the training center, which will not be refunded.
  • The trained beneficiary has to update his record every year.
  • To renew at the end of the year, the applicant has to pay Rs.
  • For the course where the applicant is undergoing training, ₹ 1000 has to be paid separately for renewal.
  • The above fees can also be paid by credit card or Debit Card by the trainee through Net Banking.

Bihar Kushal Yuva Project 2021-Eligibility Rules for Bihar Kushal Youth Project 2021

What are the eligibility rules to apply for Bihar Kushal Youth Scheme 2021 => If you want to take advantage of this scheme launched by the Bihar State Government, you must first meet certain eligibility conditions. The eligibility criteria recommended under the scheme are as follows.

  • The youth applying must be a permanent resident or native of the state of Bihar for which he or she must be certified.
  • Only youths between the ages of 15 and 28 can submit their application form under this scheme.
  • The state government provides self-help to youth between the ages of 20 and 25.

Bihar Kushal Yuva Project 2021-Imp Kus documents for Bihar Kushal Youth Project 2021

What documents are required to apply under Bihar Kushal Youth Scheme 2021 =>? If you want to apply under this scheme, you need to submit some required documents along with the form while applying. Below is a list of required documents to be submitted along with the application form.

  • First you need to attach a copy of the Aadhaar card with the application form.
  • The applicant should have his age certificate or any other document to prove his age
  • After the beneficiary, the original residence certificate of the state of Bihar is also required.
  • Attach a photocopy of the ration card with the application form.
  • For proof of identity, you need to attach your voter ID card or any other document that identifies you.
  • Passport size photo should also be attached in the application form while applying.
  • You must also enter your 10 digit mobile number in the application form

Bihar Kushal Yuva Project 2021-Apply Online for Bihar Kushal Yuva Project 2021

Time required: 23 hours.

How to apply online under Bihar Kushal Youth Scheme 2021 => If you have all the documents mentioned above and meet all the qualifications, you can apply online as per the procedure given below.

  1. To apply for this program, you must first open the official website of the Bihar State Skill Development Movement.
  2. Go to the official website There is a link.
  3. Clicking on the link above will open the official website page in front of you.
  4. On the home page of the website, you have to click on the option “Skills Youth Project 2021”.
  5. After that you need to click on the “Click here to apply” option.
  6. The thing is, you have to fill in all the information asked in the application form like your name, email id, mobile number, father’s name, permanent address.
  7. Now you need to upload all the documents along with the online document.
  8. After uploading the documents, you need to click the submit button.

    Bihar Kushal Yuva Project

By studying the procedure above, you should know how to apply for this program. After submitting the online application form, be sure to get its approval. This receipt will give you your registration number so that you can see the status of your application in the future.

If you encounter any problem while applying under Bihar Kushal Yuva Scheme 2021, you can contact the officials of that department. You Helpline call center number 1800-123-6565 You can call the officer directly.

It is recommended that all applicants call this help center anytime from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Also, you can send your problem or query to the department’s help center ID. Official Email ID [email protected] There is.

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