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BIMS Login Portal and BAMS Treasury Login – BIMS Kerala Treasury Portal is for individuals with large businesses such as buying and selling goods and services. Such persons should check the BIMS portal.

About Bhims Kerala

What is BIMS Kerala Treasury Portal?

BIMS, popularly known as the Bill Information and Management System, is an online portal for the financial sector to easily maintain the functions of the treasuries that implement this e-billing system. The drawing and distribution officers of the Kerala Treasury Department usually manage this to prepare contingency bills to facilitate e-submission to the treasury through PIMS Kerala. It helps pay employees, check accounts and check other financial work. Furthermore, BIMS Kerala Treasury Official Website Portal is a useful and efficient tool for e-billing system. Check more – Application Form .

January 2021 Announcement: User A / C correction in BiMS / WaMS is done in two stages. Must first be amended at the DDO level and confirmed to be amended at the DDO executive level.

Software required for BiMS login

For the BMS portal to work properly, you need to have some software installed on your computer. You need to download the following software to make the BMS Login Portal work –

Bhims Kerala Facilities

Some key features of BIMS

The BIMS official portal has proven to be an excellent tool in bill management. Some of the key features of PIMS are:

  • At BIMS, you can see your bill book and the status of your bills.
  • It contains the cost statement of the drawing and distribution officers.
  • This will be very helpful in submitting TR 59E to the online treasury.
  • With the help of BIMS, DDOs can easily recognize TR59E.
  • BIMS contingency bills do not have POC.
  • This allows you to create random bills.
  • It helps to integrate the state budget with the relevant revenue and expenditure account.
  • The whole process of allocating in BIMS for accidental bills is paperless.

PAMS Kerala Treasury

The name of the portal PAMS Kerala Treasury Portal
Full Form Budget allocation and monitoring system
Official website
Owned Treasury Department, Government of Kerala
Condition Kerala

How to login to BIMS portal?

Procedure for BIMS Login

To log in to the BIMS official portal, you can use these simple steps to follow:

  1. Open the official BIMS website portal.
  2. Go to the official BIMS login page.
  3. Now enter the user ID to log in. The user ID is the 10 digit code of the DTO.
  4. Enter your password and it will be included in the DDO code.
  5. Select the DDO in the selected role and log in.
BIMS login
BIMS login

BIMS Treasury Login User Roles

There are various users who log in to the BIMS Kerala login portal. Eligible users to login to BIMS Kerala Treasury Login Portal are as follows –

  • Management
  • CCO
  • SCO
  • CCO Management
  • SCO Management
  • FIN Administration
  • FIN Budget Login
  • PFMS
  • DPT
  • Audit
  • FIN user
  • SFC

All the above portal users can log in to the BIMS treasury of Kerala.


Portal Spark is another Government of Kerala provider of HRMS Services HR Management System in Kerala. SPARK stands for Service and Pay Administration Repository for Kerala. Similarly, for the State of Tamil Nadu, HRMS services are maintained IFHRMS login Portal or Treasury Portal.


To sign in to the SPARK portal, you must follow this procedure –

  • Go to
  • Navigate to the top right of the page.
  • Enter the user ID and password for the SPARK login.
  • Submit the captcha code and press the Log In button.
SPARK Login Kerala Treasury
SPARK Login Kerala Treasury

BIMS Login Password Reset

The process of forgetting the password on the BIMS portal

In everyday life we ​​are all very occupied. We may happen to forget some important things. If you forget your BIMS login password, the portal has a password reset feature. First you need to open the official BIMS website portal and enter your user ID. Click on the Forgot Password option. Then if you want to recover your password or change your password for any reason, submit your request to the Treasury.

BIMS Kerala Login UTR Search

For BIMS Kerala UTR Search Login, the required steps are here –

  • Go to Kerala Treasury Department website
  • In the left menu, click Search
  • Then select the Receipt Receipt (UTR) option.
  • Enter your UTR number in the login form.
  • Click the download button to view the UTR in BIMS.
BIMS Kerala UTR Search Login

BIMS portal application

  • Accidental bills are made with the help of BIMS.
  • BIMS is also used for scholarship purposes.
  • The BIMS portal helps you manage bill settlement in advance.
  • This makes it easier to make payments on deposits.

Add BIMS TSB Account

Kerala TSB accounts can also be added to the BiMS port. Once you log in to the BIMS portal, one can enter their TSB or STSB / PSTB accounts into the portal. Go Login to Check the page and your TSB account number for this.

  • Open the BIMS portal.
  • Sign in and go to the left menu.
  • Click the TSB option.
  • Click the entry option.
  • Select your TSB account type.
  • Enter the account number
  • Enter the name of the account holder
  • Enter the account type and status
  • Submit to add TSB account in BIMS portal.
Add a TSB Account to the BIMS Portal
Add a TSB Account to the BIMS Portal

BiMS WaMS Features

The following features are available in the WaMS section of the BiMS Portal –

  • Submit the bill
  • Process for WaMS
  • Permission letter sent to attempt

You can get all these services after logging in through the BIMS login page.


Kerala Treasury Bill Request

The Government of Kerala has established an online bill claim process and has introduced various online portals for bill claims. Depending on the type of service, users may use one or another portal and request their treasury bills.

Here are some bill types of Kerala Treasury –

BiMS Bill Information and Management System
Spark Human Resource Management System
Sangya All LSGI claims
EMLI All work related claims

BIMS WAMS Contact Details

Important contact numbers of BIMS

If you have any queries or encounter any problem with the BIMS Login official portal, you can contact the BIMS Helpline directly or email them.

Contact No: 0471 232 871

e-mail address: [email protected]

List of BIMS Kerala Treasury Forms

Here is the list of forms with the form number and name which are useful in BIMS Kerala Treasury related services.

Form no. Name
TR60 Abstract Content Bill
TR56 TA Bill Form
TR42 Mycellanius Bill Form
SB Form No. 4A Application for financial transfer
SP Form No. 1 TSB Account Initiation Form
SB Form No. l (a) KYC Company
SB Form 1 (a) KYC – Personal
SP Form No.38 TFD application
SP Form No.22 SP Nomination Form
Life certificate of pensioners Life certificate of pensioners
Pension appointment Pension appointment
Form TR 65 Withdraw money
Form TR 114 Bill for Claiming Scholarship
TR 108 Form Bill for Scholarship
Form No. 49 Withdrawal of payment order
Form TR51 GAZATTED / No wages
Form No. 5A Family details
Form d Land Acquisition Form
Form d GPF TA / Settlement
Form a FBS Bill Form
Form a Appointment for LTA
Form 70 Court fee refund order
Form 6 Application for Family Pension
Link V Renaissance / non-marriage


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