Can I get unemployment benefits? When and for how many years?

Unemployment benefits are available

The Government of India and states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Jharkhand and Rajasthan will provide assistance to the unemployed. The scheme by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be in the name of the monthly unemployment benefit scheme. It is available under the Global Basic Income (UBI). Today we know who will receive unemployment benefits, read its information here.

Can I get unemployment benefits?

According to the Prime Minister’s announcement, every unemployed person will receive an unemployment benefit under the Prime Minister Perojkar Patta scheme. According to this plan, you will be paid a monthly stipend of about two thousand to thirty-five hundred rupees.

An announcement on unemployment benefits will be made in Modiji’s plan list in the coming months. The scheme will help poor people due to increasing population and lack of jobs. Those who are in trouble due to lack of job or occupation will get the benefit of unemployment benefit.

When do I receive unemployment benefits?

Unemployment benefits will be paid from 2020 onwards. For this, a website will be created where everyone can register. There will be an online application form system for unemployment benefits. Any applicant can register for unemployment benefits online. For this you need to know some terms and conditions.

When the unemployment benefit will be available has not yet been confirmed by the Government of India. But in the near future, the unemployment benefit is expected to be available once the corona lock is completed.

When do I receive unemployment benefits?

Unemployment benefits are available until the applicant starts a new job or benefits from another government program. Also, even if the applicant has completed his / her studies and he / she is not available for employment, he / she will still receive unemployment benefit.

However, there will be some conditions in this plan. If your family’s monthly income exceeds a certain limit, you will not receive unemployment benefits until you live with your family.

How many years will I receive unemployment benefits?

Unemployment benefits are available up to the age of 35. If the applicant is over the age of thirty-five, he will not receive the unemployment benefit.

The total unemployment benefit is available for 15 years. That is, after the applicant reaches the age of 21, he will receive the unemployment benefit until he reaches the age of 35.

In each state, the applicant will receive unemployment benefits under different rules.

Documents required for unemployment benefit

Unemployment Benefit Applicant Must Have Some Important Documents –

  • Aadhar card of the applicant
  • Voter ID card of the applicant
  • Certificate that the applicant is a graduate or postgraduate
  • Application form and attached photo
  • A mobile number

After submitting all these documents you will receive unemployment benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Unemployment Benefit

Am I a graduate, do I get unemployment benefits?

Yes, everyone who graduates unemployed will receive unemployment benefits. For this you need to have a graduation certificate, results or bonafite certificate.

I am a post graduate, can I get unemployment benefits?

If you are a postgraduate but your age is less than thirty-five, you will start receiving unemployment benefits. By applying, one can enter the account number on the website of Porojkari Patta.

How long will the unemployment benefit be available after applying?

Unemployment and Unemployment Benefit until you are unemployed and have reached a certain age.

What is the age limit for unemployment benefits?

According to the rules, the minimum age limit for unemployment benefits is twenty-one years and the maximum age limit is thirty-five years.


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