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Step 7 Ration Card List How To Check Bihar

The Bihar government provides ration cards to poor families in need of food at subsidized rates. Each applicant for Bihar Ration Card will be tested for eligibility and then ration card will be issued in the name of the family. The ration card also contains a list of all eligible family members.

The ePDS website manages the list of ration card holders in Bihar. How to find pdf list of ration card holders in your village, panchayat, ward, district and area in the ration card list

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How to check ration card list in Bihar?

Time required: 20 minutes.

Bihar Ration Card Lists are compiled by the Public Distribution System of the Government of Bihar. The list of ration card holders in Bihar is being uploaded on the EPDS website of the Government of Bihar. Follow this guide to search for new Bihar Ration Card list in 2021.

  1. Go to the EPDS website.

    The Bihar government has created the official website of the ration card. The website is called the ePDS website. To visit the official ration card listing website of Bihar, go to the following URL – 1 How to check ration card list Bihar

  2. Select the name of the district

    After opening the EPDS website, you will see the option to select the name of your district in which you will need the ration card list. The scroll option covers all the districts of Bihar, so you can search for the name in the Bihar ration card list for your district.Step 2 How to check ration card list Bihar

  3. Click the number below the urban or rural option

    The Bihar EPDS website has a list of two types of ration cards. The first is the urban ration card list and the second is the rural ration card list. You have to choose the list you want to search based on the type of residence. So if your residence is in rural area, you need to open Rural Bihar Ration Card list, otherwise open Urban.Step 3 How to check ration card list Bihar

  4. Click the name of the block in the list

    On the next page, you will find all the blocks in your districts. Select the name of your module by clicking on the name. For example, if you want to open Baruraj’s list, click on Baruraj, which will give you a list of Bihar Ration Card of Baruraj constituency.Step 4 How to check ration card list Bihar

  5. Select your panchayat from the list on the next page

    On the next page that appears, you will see all the panchayats of the selected constituency. If you want a ration card list of a particular panchayat, click on its name and open the Panchayat Ration Card list page. Here, we select Modipur Panchayat for the ration card list.Step 5 How To Check Ration Card List Bihar

  6. Click the name of your village on the next page.

    After opening the Panchayat list, you will see the list of villages in the Panchayat. When you click on the name of your village, you will see the ration card list of the village in Bihar. Here, we select Motipur village to check Bihar ration card list.Step 6 Ration Card List How To Check Bihar

  7. Choose the name of your dealer to open the Bihar Ration Card list

    On the next page of the Bihar ration card listing process, you will find a list of all the distributors in the village. Agents Dealers who distribute food to local ration card holders. It will have a list of all the distributors in that area.Step 7 Ration Card List How To Check Bihar

Using the process above, you can easily download the new list of Bihar Ration Card for your village / panchayat or district. If you want to find your name in Bihar’s ration card list, you need to click on the ration card number from the ration card list. Apply for Bihar Ration Card Online at sfc Bihar Government.

When you click on the number, a printable ration card with a list of beneficiaries appears on the next screen. The list of beneficiaries will include the names of the family members who were issued the ration card.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bihar Ration Card List

What is Bihar Ration Card List?

Bihar Ration Card List is a list of all ration card holders in a particular panchayat, village or constituency. It contains the names and other details of all the users.

Who provides ration card list in Bihar?

The official website of the EPDS or Public Distribution System provides the Bihar Ration Card list.

How can I verify my ration card in Bihar?

You can download the ration card list from there by opening the ration card ePDS portal in Bihar.

How to create my ration card online in Bihar?

You can’t. Instead, you will need to go to your local BDS office and fill out an offline ration card application form. The application, after verification, will help in getting a new ration card in Bihar.


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