Check if the curfew e-pass is approved


Newly renewed curfew order Delhi government

During the curfew order, the Delhi government started recognizing e-pass to the people. A new update of the Curfew Pass application has been released and now users will soon receive their e-pass. If you want to check the status of the curfew order, you have to go for it Website

Curfew order status Will be provided on the screen there.

How to check the curfew approval status?

During the investigation, we found that the Delhi government was issuing a curfew order in the state. The picture above is a sample of one of the leaked bass.

If you want to get your own curfew pass status, you need to know here.

How can I verify my curfew order?

To verify the curfew order, you need to open the Janta Sanwad Portal and then enter the following web address –[pass number]/, In place of the pass number you must enter the curfew pass number you provided.


After that, your mastery level will be displayed there.

Status says –

Status: Approved (valid until April 14, 2021)

To download the e-Pass, you need to click on the link below the status option.

The following details are provided with the new e-Pass-

  • Contact number:
  • Applicant Name:
  • Office Address or Engagement Place:
  • Service Type:
  • From:
  • To date:
  • From time to time:
  • At the time:
  • District:

Applicants for the curfew order are advised to download their passes quickly. Further, See here for details on status.



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