Check TS BDP payment details 2021

Check TS BDP payment details 2021

Check TS BDP payment details 2021

Telangana State Benefit Payment Website for MGNREGA and SSP – Paid for NREGA AB and NREGA Telangana You can check on the PDP DS online portal. Other details such as postal payments, pending payments and account and transaction statement can be found on the PDP Telangana website –

Learn how to check TS BDP online payment details on Tsonline website.

Check TS BDP payment details 2021-TS BDP Online Payment Reports

There are different types of transaction reports under the DS PTP payment details option. Some reports are listed below –

  • PDP DS Online MIS Report
  • BDP NREGA Fee Report Telangana
  • DS Mail Payment Report
  • BDP TS Online Account wise transaction report
  • TS BDP SSP Payment Report

Check TS BDP payment details 2021-Check TS BDP payment online

The Telangana state government has a pay distribution portal called NeFMS, where one can check BDP fees online. Payments made under DS MGNREGA or SSP can be verified on the PDP payment details page. To verify payment, follow these steps –

Check TS BDP payment details 2021

How to check TS BDP online payment?

  1. Go to
  2. Open the TS NeFMS homepage
  3. Click the MIS Report option
  4. Select Account wise monitoring status.
  5. Enter your Telangana district name
  6. Select the plan for TS BDP Online Payment Details
  7. Enter your account number
  8. Enter your Work card No.
  9. Check the DS Online PDP fee by submitting the form.

How to view your TS MGNREGA fee or TS SSP fee statement online at BDP TSonline website.


Check TS BDP payment details 2021-BDP TS Postage Check

You can also check the payments made to India Post online through the DS PDP portal. To verify BDP TS postage, follow these guidelines –

  • Go to TS BDP Online Portal
  • Open the Reports page
  • Choose your district
  • Enter your post office account number
  • Submit the form and check your BDP TS postage online

Check TS BDP payment details 2021

To check the fee, click here –

Check TS BDP payment details 2021 – All Payment Report Types

The following fees can be found on the Telangana State PDP website – –

List of TS Online BDP NeFMS reports

  • Credit files integration level
  • District wise loan amount details
  • Information status of credit accounts
  • Real-time transaction status
  • Debit information sharing status
  • Account wise monitoring status
  • Account details outstanding
  • Day wise details provided
  • Govt Financial Assistance Position
  • Govt Financial Assistance Account Monitoring Status

Check TS BDP payment details 2021-TS BDP tariff questions

Who can pay on DS PDP website?

Anyone who is eligible to pay under Telangana SSP or MGNREGA scheme can check their fees there.


Can I also check my TS postage?

Yes, you can also view your DS postage on the PDP portal.

TSonline BDP website not open, why?

Due to some server issues, the website may not be open. Use the direct links provided on our website to open the website.

What is the full format of the DS PDP?

TS BDP stands for Telangana State Benefit Portal.

What is the official website of TS NREGA Fees?


The official website of TS NREGA Payment is

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