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Businesses and jobs have been hit hard after the country imposed a lockout to prevent the spread of the corona virus. In addition, day laborers have been hit hard. But now things are slowly returning to normal. All day laborers are slowly returning to their jobs. With this in mind, the Chhattisgarh state government has launched a new scheme for workers. The name of the project Chhattisgarh is free Tiffin Project 2021 There is.

Today we will present to you through this article of ours Chhattisgarh Free Tiffin Project 2021 Provide complete information in detail. In our article, we will give you the process of applying under this scheme. In this article, we will provide complete information about the online application process, eligibility rules, required documents, benefits and features of the program. If you also want to become a beneficiary under this scheme, you should follow the method mentioned in our this article.

Chhattisgarh Muftiff Plan 2021

Launched by Chhattisgarh State Government Free Tiffin Plan 2021 Through this, benefits will be provided to all workers. Under the scheme launched by the state government, workers will be given free dipins. These tins can be used to carry food when workers go to work. Through this scheme, the state government wants the workers working under MNREGA or NREGA to get clean, hygienic and hot food during the day.

We are all well aware that as the spread of corona virus decreases gradually all business and employment in the country is gaining momentum. State workers Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005 I.e. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005 MNREGA Under the Employees Scheme National Rural Employment Guarantee Act I.e. NREGA Workers working under the scheme will get hot and clean food during the day.

Highlights of the CG Muft Tiffin Plan 2021

Chhattisgarh Free Tiffin Project 2021 I.e. Chhattisgarh Free Tiffin Project 2021 The key points below are given below.

  • Under the scheme, the Chhattisgarh state government will provide free DIB to workers working under NREGA or MNREGA.
  • By getting a tiffin under this scheme, all workers can pick up food for themselves when they go to work.
  • The food in the tiffin given to the workers will be hot and clean.
  • Free Tiffin Plan 2021 It was inaugurated by the then Chief Minister Mr. Raman Singh.
  • The tiffin provided to the workers will consist of tiffin with three boxes.
  • The Free Tiffin project has been implemented as a pilot project in Raipur.
  • Now workers do not have to buy tin cans with their own money or use polythene bags to carry food.
  • With clean and hygienic food, the health of the workers will be better and they will be protected from diseases.
  • Approximately 280,000,000 budgets have been passed by the Chief Minister of the state for the free dipin scheme to carry safe food during the budget session.
  • About 1100000 workers working under NREGA i.e. MNREGA will be provided DIPEN free of cost by the Chhattisgarh State Government.
  • The government has contracted a private company to distribute Dipin with three boxes.

Eligibility and Docs for CG Free Tiffin Plan 2021

Workers working under the NREGA must first meet the eligibility criteria set out below to receive Tiffin.

  • The applicant must be from Chhattisgarh.
  • Under this, only workers working under the Labor NREGA i.e. MNREGA will be included.
  • It is mandatory for the applicant to have a Labor Work Card i.e. Labor Card or Labor Card.
  • The worker receiving Tiffin must be below the poverty line i.e. under the BPL category.
  • The following documents should be submitted along with the application form.
    • Aadhar card
    • Identity Card
    • Copy of ration card
    • Copy of work card
    • Basic address proof
    • Certificate of Income
    • Caste certificate
    • MNREGA stands for NREGA Certificate
    • Mobile number of the worker

How to apply for Chhattisgarh Mufti Plan 2021

We would like to tell all the brothers and sisters of Chhattisgarh right now Free Tiffin Plan 2021 Online Application Process Not Launched Once the online registration process under the Free Tiffin Distribution Scheme is initiated by the Government, we will notify you immediately through our website.

  1. According to the information received Chhattisgarh Free Dip Distribution Scheme 2021 Under this, workers have to apply offline. Below are guidelines to apply offline.
  2. Workers must first obtain a free Tiffin project application form in hard copy from the relevant authority.
  3. After receiving the application form, all the information asked in it should be filled in correctly.
  4. Once all the information has been generated, all the required documents mentioned above should be attached to it.
  5. Now you need to re-check all the information filled in the application form and check the documents.
  6. If all your documents are correct and the information filled in the application form is true, submit it to the concerned officer.
  7. After submitting the application form, you should now take the receipt from the concerned officer.


This way your application for Chhattisgarh Free Tiffin Distribution Scheme 2021 will be completed. The Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh has announced the implementation of this project. Initial implementation work has also started in Raipur district. If you also want to apply for this program, you will have to wait a while now. Official website link to Government Will be provided on


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