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Govt Unit Edisha Government in Haryana Survey is a website launched by the Government of Haryana for Govt-19 Management District Level Committees. With the aim of tackling the corona epidemic at the ground level, the government launched the Govit Unit Edition on the website.

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Haraya Edisha Govt Unit Committees

The Govt-19 unit group in Haryana is divided into four types-

  • Unit Panel
  • Department Committee
  • Zonal Committee
  • District Committee

These groups are assigned for the survey through the Haryana Edisha Portal with various assignments, roles and skills.

Login to

There are several login sources by the Haryana government for various groups. Depending on their status, they can access their survey dashboard with the login option.

How to include family members in survey?

Surveyors will be provided with login details and accounts, where they can submit data related to households in their area. Govt units can use the following processes to add families to the Edisha survey –

  • Go to the Govit Unit Edisha Operator login page.
  • Enter your mobile number and OTP to sign in.
  • Click the Start Survey button there.
  • In the next form, enter the survey house number and click the Next button.
  • If the family has a family ID number, use it for data entry. Otherwise, enter the reference number of the family member to start the Haryana Govt Unit Edisha Survey.
  • Add family members to the list using reference number, name, age, gender, mobile number, relationship with family head and occupation.
  • Click the Check Ration Card option to check their ration card status.
  • Save the family data in the Edisha survey list and indicate if they need any help.

Using the aforementioned Govit Unit Edisha Government tutorial, surveyors can complete their online surveys.

Roles and Responsibilities of Govt Unit Disha Committees

  • The unit level committee will carry out a list of all the houses in its allotted area.
  • Poor and needy families will be identified separately and the need for dry rations and / or cooked food will be determined.
  • Any other needs of specific class families such as the elderly, single-female families, families with children with special needs will be recorded, and the Committee seeks to provide for all needs that are constrained by its availability. Covit 19 Freeze.
  • The committee will ensure that ration card holders can purchase their rations for free by April 2021 as announced by the state government.
  • The committee will also ensure verification of unorganized workers for financial assistance at the unit level. During the rest of the lockout, the team will provide dry food or cooked food to those in poor and needy households who do not have a ration card.
  • This committee will ensure that these dry foods or cooked bows are obtained through local health systems, and only when the request is not met by these systems, the government. Funds can be used to meet the needs of such poor and needy families.
  • The team is responsible for ensuring that there is no shortage of food and other essentials such as medicines, geriatric care, therapists, etc. for the poor or needy family in its area, and will ensure that the team is smooth. And a steady supply of these essential goods and services on a daily basis.
  • The Unit Committee will also verify the financial assistance provided to the families of eligible families (MMPSY, BPL, registered construction worker or informal workers) in the unit area. The unit level team monitors and oversees the activities of the unit level

Visit the Govt Unit website here.


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