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Started in Delhi Ladley Project 2021 / Latley Plan 2021. Your girl will get big benefits in this program. The project was launched in India and is now being implemented in Delhi. Every girl’s parents want to know about this program and how their girl can benefit from this program. This program is especially for women in which they get a chance to improve their life.

We will provide you with complete information about this project, but before that you need to know why this project is needed. Even today, you can find people who insist on having more boys than women. He was neither happy nor sad when women were born. Also celebrate the birth of boys. These old thinking people do not allow women to move forward.

What is Delhi Ladli Yojana 2021?

What is the Lodley Plan 2021? The Delhi Ladli project still takes women as a burden in the society because women are killed before they are born due to the cost of education and marriage and the society does not look at them with respect. All this is mostly happening in the village but now the spread of education has brought about a change in their thinking. But even today the number of women is less than that of boys. It used to be common in India but gradually the understanding of the people is increasing and now the status of women is gradually improving.

The Indian government has also imposed a legal ban on infanticide. After this, the government itself took various measures to implement the girls, including the Ladley project. If you find a woman’s brother or parent or guardian or a family that has a dispute over a woman’s birth, be sure to tell her about this project so that women can join us with the government in the future. Let’s cooperate.

Read our full post. For now, we will only tell you about the Delhi Ladli project, in the coming post we will talk about the Ladli project in other states and also explain the online process.

Ladli Yojana 2021 Delhi Eligibility Rules

Eligibility for Delhi Ladli Project 2021: My dear sisters, if you are unqualified for this project, do not be afraid, whatever you learn from this post, you can help someone else who is worthy in your view. If you yourself are eligible for this program, definitely use this program and help women progress. Below you have explained well about the full merits of the Delhi Ladli Yojana. It is essential for the eligibility of the Delhi Ladli project

  • That person must be a resident of Delhi because we are talking about Delhi Latli Yojana.
  • The income of that family should be 1 lakh or less. The government said this if all the families who are not eligible for the scheme start availing the benefits of the scheme as it will be difficult for the government to continue this endowment scheme till the future.
  • Under the Delhi Ladli Yojana, only 2 women in a family can avail government benefits.
  • The girl should be studying in a government school in Delhi. If your girl is studying in a private school you are ineligible for this.

Benefits of Delhi Ladli Yojana 2021

Benefits of 2021 Delhi Ladli Yojana: We have mentioned its benefits above, but it is written like a story and we will tell you the other benefits below which will make you more interested to fill up the online form of Delhi Ladli Yojana. So let’s look at its benefits.

  • It will be successful in reducing infanticide in the country and at the same time stopping homicide.
  • Women will get a chance to make their living.
  • When she gets a good job, she will help her family as well.
  • After reading and writing, she can provide a formal education for her family as well.
  • There will be no domestic atrocities on them.
  • The day will come when this plan will no longer be needed.
  • The sex ratio will increase.

Amount given under Delhi Ladli Yojana

How Much Money Does a Delhi Latley Yojana Get: By giving money to women under this Ladli scheme, the Delhi government will reduce the financial problem of the parents related to the education of that girl. That money should be spent by parents on female education and not on their own needs. Let’s see how much money that girl gets.

  • If a baby girl is born at a hospital in Delhi, she will get Rs 11,000.
  • If the baby girl is born at home or outside the hospital, she will get a benefit of Rs 10,000.
  • When the girl comes to 1st class, she will get 5000 rupees from the government.
  • Similarly, when she appears in 6th, 9th, 10th and 12th classes, she will also be given a sum of Rs.
  • All of this money was received by the woman only after 18 years.

Documents required for Delhi’s Ladli Yojana

Documents for the Lodley Project in Delhi: It is imperative that you have proper documentation for this Delhi Ladli Yojana. If you do not, how will the government know if you are eligible for the Ladley program? Therefore, when applying, be sure to bring the documents mentioned below.

  • For the Delhi Ladli Yojana, you need to have a Certificate of Residence in Delhi. You can also show a ration card or electricity bill to show your address.
  • You must also have the birth certificate of the baby girl. You will receive this birth certificate from the hospital as soon as the baby girl is born.
  • Parental ID card will also be required.
  • The caste certificate of the woman is also required.
  • Passport size photos of the girl and her parents are also required.

Contact the Help Center for Ladli Yojana 2021 Delhi

Where to contact Ladli Yojana 2021 Delhi: Under this scheme, if you encounter any problem while applying or any other process, you can contact the following places.

  • You can contact State Bank of India for Delhi Ladli Yojana.
  • You can contact any recognized government school.
  • If you have any social welfare in your eyes, you can contact them there as well.

How To Apply Online For Delhi Ladli Yojana 2021

Apply Online for Ladli Project in Delhi: Applying for Ladli Yojana online in Delhi is very easy. When the government helps many girls, people should take advantage of it. But they could not apply online because they did not know how to apply. But now it will be much easier for you, you just have to follow the steps given below very carefully.

  1. You must first go to this website which is open by the government for the Ladli project. Go to the website of Delhi Ladli Yojana Click here.
  2. After clicking on this link, you will see the Form Latley Plan form in it.
  3. You will need to fill out this form. The steps to fill out this form are very simple.
  4. First you have to enter the girl’s name in Hindi and then in English.
  5. You have to write the name of the woman as given in the Aadhar card or birth certificate. Also a box with a woman’s name and surname should be left.
  6. Then you have to enter the date and place of birth of the baby girl. The place of birth may be the woman’s home, nursing home or hospital.
  7. The registration number and date of issue of the birth certificate in Delhi and the name of the company which issued it will appear.
  8. Then fill in the name of the mother of the baby girl and then the name of the father of the baby girl and what type the girl belongs to.
  9. You will then need to enter your current address and area code. Along with this you have to apply for a certificate of stay in Delhi for three years.
  10. You can then apply for a voter card, ration card or any photocopy of the birth certificate. In addition, you must enter a mobile number.
  11. Then you have to fill in the family’s annual income in figures and then in words. In addition, you must submit proof of income.
  12. Then write down your daughters’ number. If any of your daughters are benefiting from the Lotley program, write down the ID of the team member. Do not write if your daughter does not benefit from someone’s Lotley program.
  13. After this, you have to write the parent’s Aadhar card number and attach a copy of the Aadhar card.
  14. If you are using any other program like this, mention the name of the program in the registration number. If you do not use any such program, leave it blank.
  15. The area under this form will not be filled out and will be filled out by the office.
  16. After this your form will be completed and your application will be successful.


After completing the application form all the documents should be attached with the application form. You have to fill the application form along with the documents. Department of Women and Child Development, National Capital Region of Delhi, 1-A, Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla Lane, KG Mark, New Delhi-110001 Should be sent to the address. After submitting the application, you will be given the status of your application by phone.

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