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This post is for those who live as landowners. All landowners in Delhi are required to pay property tax. But of all those owners, many landowners failed to pay their taxes. If he pays property tax offline in Delhi, he will have to go through a lengthy process. It wastes a lot of time. So we have another option that is easier, faster and safer. This is an online method to be used by Delhi landowners.

If you are unable to pay property tax for any reason and do not pay property tax for one year, you will have to pay that amount as MCD penalty. If you have not paid tax on your property for many years, the MCD means the corporation will be the amount of interest on your property. Because of this, you will face a lot of problems in selling your property. With this, the third disadvantage is that the loan of the property is not given by the banks. Because bank employees ask for a property tax receipt. Only then can you get a property loan.

The key question is who will pay whom and how much tax. First of all it is important who pays property tax in Delhi. Property tax collection in Delhi is divided into three parts by the MCD (Corporation of India). The first part falls under the North Delhi Corporation. The second part falls under the South Delhi Corporation. The third part comes from East Delhi. Many landowners live in these three areas of Delhi.

It is not possible for you to have the same property price for all Delhi landowners here. The cost of one’s property can be high and work can be done. That is why Delhi Corporation has released 8 categories. What are the limits of the English letters A to H? While property owners in category A pay higher taxes, those in category H pay taxes. Lines also vary according to the different unit area value of all these types.

How to get property tax rebate in Delhi?

How to get property tax deduction in Delhi? -: The corporation will determine who gets the discount on the property. The discount on property tax given below is provided by the corporation.

  • If you pay property tax at the same time for three months of your year, you get a 15 percent discount.
  • Holders of 100 sq m DTA / CGH flats get 10% discount on value.
  • If the property belongs to a woman, disabled or senior citizen, they get a 30 percent discount.

How to calculate your Delhi property tax yourself?

How to calculate your property tax in Delhi? -: Of the 8 divisions of the municipal corporation, your property should fall into one or another division. The property tax is different for each category. If you want to calculate Delhi’s property tax, the corporation has developed a formula for it.

It is as follows -:

Property tax = actual value x tax rate

Actual value = unit area value x factor x usage factor x configuration factor x flat factor x occupation

Rate Rates – For property tax, the municipal agency issues rates ranging from A to H each year.

Unit Area Value – The tax payable includes the area built on the property, the period of construction, the structure of the building, the location and the type of property.

Age factor – Older property owners have to pay faster and newer property owners have to pay higher taxes.

Use factor – Commercial property pays higher taxes. Residential property pays less tax than commercial property.

Structural Factor – RCC Construction / Municipal Corporation in Delhi charges less tax from legal value construction as compared to RCC.

Aggressive factor – Municipal corporations impose higher taxes on property. If he lives on his own without letting his property rent, the corporation charges a lower tax.

How To Pay Property Tax Online In Delhi?

How To Pay Property Tax Online In Delhi? -: Filing property tax online is very easy. In this you do not need to go anywhere. Follow the steps below and in a few minutes your property tax will be paid without any hassle.

  1. First you need to go to the website of Delhi Corporation. Go to the website Click here.
  2. Once you open the Delhi Corporation (MCD) website, calculate your housing tax and the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) options are available. Click the option in the area where your property appears.
  3. After clicking, a new page will open in front of you. If you do not know where my colony is coming from, there will be an option called General Information next to the open page house. By clicking on General Information, you will see a list of all the colonies. You can also visit your colony.
  4. You can also find out the property tax by selecting the Property Tax Rate option in General Information.
  5. Now let’s move on to our property tax. In the middle of the website, it says ‘Property Tax’. Click on that option.
  6. After clicking, you will see three options for filling in the line. In the first option, you can pay property tax from the property ID. If you have filed property tax in mid-2019-20, you must have a property ID.
  7. If for some reason you do not have the property ID for 2019-20, you will have the property ID for any other year. If yes, click on the second option.
  8. If you are paying property tax for the first time, click on the third option.
  9. If you click on the third option, a form will open in which you will be asked to fill in the required information.
  10. Press the Submit button after completing the form. After submission, pay property tax by credit card, debit card or internet banking.

This way, if you come to any part of Delhi, you can file your property tax online. You can also calculate how much your tax is generated this year and how much you have to pay online. For any problem, you can go to your municipal office and get help.


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