Delhi Shelter Board Registration 2021

Delhi Shelter Board Registration 2021

Delhi Shelter Board Registration 2021

The brothers and sisters now live in Delhi Overseas travel registration An online facility to do this is provided by the Delhi Shelter Board. Online Delhi Immigrant registration process has started. I.e. any applicant from Delhi to his state Punjab , Uttar Pradesh, A state in eastern India, Odisha, Bangladesh , Jharkhand If they want to go to another state, they have to submit the Delhi Immigration Registration Form online to the Delhi Shelter Board. This way they will be registered to the Shramik Express and arrangements will be made for their operation.

Delhi Shelter Board Registration 2021-About Delhi Immigrant Registration with Delhi Shelter Board

The name of the project Delhi Overseas Travel Registration
Project type Immigrant registration, return home travel record
Who started it? Government of Delhi
Department Delhi Shelter Board, Delhi Disaster Management Authority
Application process Realism
Official website

Delhi Shelter Board Registration 2021-Form for collecting information of Delhiites stranded abroad

People of Delhi who wish to return to their state should fill up a form on the website of the Delhi Archives Board or the Delhi Disaster Registration Department to collect information on Delhiites stranded abroad. This application form or registration letter will be registered with your Delhi Shelter Board so that you can book the Shramik train journey from the government facility.

This form can be downloaded from the Delhi Shelter Board website. Can be filled.

Delhi Shelter Board Registration 2021-Apply Online for Delhi Shelter Board Immigration Registration Form

To register online Shelter Board for Delhi Immigrants or Immigrants, use the steps given here –

  • Visit
  • Fill in your travel information on the application form.
  • Enter details of where you are in Delhi.
  • Enter the details of the state in which you wish to register for immigrant return.
  • Provide information on documents such as Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card or Ration
  • Fill in the details of how to travel there.
  • After that you will be contacted and your immigrant registration and expatriate Mazdoor Yatra will be booked.

Registration Form for Delhi Shelter Board – Click here to fill out the online application form.

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