Delhi Water Board Online Bill Payment 2021

Delhi Water Board Online Bill Payment 2021

Delhi Water Board Bill Payment Online | Delhi Jal Board Bani Ka Bill | Delhi Water Board Bill Calculator | DJB Water Bill

The Delhi Water Board is a government body. It operates under the Government of Delhi. It was created on April 6, 1998. The function of the Delhi Water Board is to supply water. But then it also started doing dirty water removal work. The population of Delhi Amma is about 2 crores. In such a situation, getting water to everyone was a big challenge.

However, the Delhi Water Board reaches out well to all the citizens of Delhi. The Delhi Water Board has been making recommendations to the Government of Delhi. For example, the Delhi Water Board has asked Delhiites to take a bucket bath instead of taking a bath. Delhi Water Board has been working in Delhi for 5 decades. Below you will learn how to pay water bills online.

Delhi Water Board Online Bill Payment 2021-Delhi Water Board Water Bill Payment Online

Delhi Water Board Online Water Bill Payment – The Delhi Water Board has also made it possible to pay water bills online. If you want to save your time and do not want to take the hassle of waiting in line, in my opinion the best way for you online. You can do this very easily anywhere. You should follow the steps given below.

Delhi Water Board Online Bill Payment 2021-Water Bill Discount Plan in Delhi 2021

Water bill waiver on Delhi water board – Due to the corona virus infection, the Delhi government has extended the concession on water tariff till September 30. The project was launched in August last year. This facility was provided for all types of houses.

Delhi Jal Board vice-president Raghav Sada shared the information on Twitter on Tuesday, saying the water tariff waiver scheme has been extended till September 30. The Delhi government has provided 20 liters of water free of cost to the people of Delhi. If you have used less than 20 liters of water, your water bill will be zero, otherwise you will have to pay the full water bill.

  1. Open Google on your computer, laptop or mobile.
  2. Go to the official website of the board where your water connection comes from.
  3. Click here if you want to pay water bill in Delhi Click.
  4. The online process for paying water bills is currently the same across states.
  5. From the Delhi Jal Board service, click on the Pay Online / Pay Online option.
  6. A new page will open on your mobile. On that page you will get the option to pay the bill. For example, HDCF can be replenished through Banking, National Payment Service Platform or Paytm.
  7. Select the option you want to pay for.
  8. After clicking, a new page will open. In this you have to enter your consumer number i.e. your consumer number.
  9. When you enter the consumer number, you will see the bill information. It will show the bill date, the last date for submission of the bill and in whose name the bill is.
  10. How much water has been charged will also be looked into. Click Continue and your water bill will be paid.
  11. You also need to get a receipt for it to be useful in the future.

Delhi Water Board Online Bill Payment 2021

Delhi Water Board Online Bill Payment 2021-Unit Water Bill Calculator In Delhi (Water Bill Calculator)

How To Check Water Ratio Per Unit (Water Bill Calculator) -: Below is the water ratio per unit (water bill calculator). This will let you know how much your monthly water bill is going to be.

  • Free up to 20000 liters
  • Price of 0-20 unit water = Rs 5.27
  • 20-30 units of water = 26.36
  • Price of 30-30 units of water = 43.93
  • If one unit here is 1000 liters of water. The Delhi government gives you 20 units of water for free.

Delhi Water Board Online Bill Payment 2021-How to get new water connection at Delhi Water Board

How to get a new water connection in Delhi -: Water Jal Board’s work to provide water connection in Delhi. For this you need to have the necessary documents. Aadhar card, voter card, proof of address (proof of address), passport size photo and house map. After all things follow the steps given below.

  • First go to Delhi Jal Board’s website Click.
  • If clicked, the website will open. Left side Service / Services The options are visible.
  • From this Apply for a new connection Click
  • The form will be displayed when the new page opens. Fill in all your information correctly. Otherwise the application will be canceled.
  • Upload your documents and photos to it.
  • Then Submit Click the button. Take its receipt and keep it for future use.

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