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Property registration is one of the most important processes in the real estate industry. Property registration is the transfer of ownership of a property from one owner to another. This process must be completed when purchasing any property. If you want to go to the Revenue Department office and complete the property registration process, we would like to tell you that the process is very complicated and time consuming. Delhi Property Registration For this, the property buyer and seller have to stand in long queues for hours in the office.

Today we are with you Property Registration in Delhi (Delhi Sampathi Panchikaran) That is, it is said to be the easiest and simplest online process for property registration. With this process, you can avoid standing in long queues and skip the entire registration process. Friends, through one of our articles today, we tell you the whole process of Delhi Property Registration, i.e. Delhi Property Registration. This allows you to register your property online at home without wasting your time and money.

Delhi Online Property Registration

Delhi Online Property Registration The process can be completed very easily. For this you do not need to go to any office or spend unnecessary money. The online property registration process in Delhi can be completed sitting at home.

Delhi Revenue Department An online portal has been created for this. At the same time, special attention has been paid by the department Delhi Online Property Registration The process should be transparent. Guidelines for this have already been issued by the Delhi government.

Online Property Registration for Delhi Online website for property buyers and sellers “Delhi Online Registration Information System” Has been launched. Through this website, the citizens of the national capital can also access their property deeds. For the convenience of the citizens, there is also a payment gateway for online payment for property registration by the capital government.

Check property deed by name in Delhi

Time required: 15 minutes.

If you have your own property in Delhi or have recently bought or sold a property here, the process here is very important to you. Below we have you Own Property Deed in Delhi (Delhi Property Deed Information) That is, the whole process of viewing property details online is explained in detail. By following this process, complete information on the property owner can be obtained online.

  1. To get your property information online in Delhi, you have to do it first “Delhi Online Registration Information System” You need to go to the official website.
  2. Clicking on the link above will open the homepage of the website on your screen. In it you will find a wide variety of options.
  3. From one of these options, you will get a custom name “Search” Need to click on.
  4. After this, on the next page, you will need to enter the local, party selection, some letters of the name of the first or second person and the captcha code given on the page.
  5. After completing all the information in the form on this page, you “Search” Click the button.
  6. Clicking the search button opens a new page on your screen Complete List of Property Owners in Delhi (Name List of Delhi Property Owners) Appear.
  7. Now you can check your name in this list and get complete details about your property.

Given above Delhi Property Search At the end of the process you can see the registration number of your property, the date the property was registered, the name of the property owner, the address of the property, the area in yards or meters and the type of property.

Search properties online in Delhi at the address

It’s okay if you do not know the name of the property owner. Here we tell you the method of obtaining information using the property address i.e. property card.

  • If you want to find any property by address, you must first go to the home page of the official website.
  • By address you can now find on the official website “Search Property” You need to click on the option.
  • Now on the next page you need to enter the locale, the name of your location and the full address of the property in the given locations.
  • After giving all the information given on the page “Captcha Code” Enter it in the space provided.
  • Now the information about the address where you are looking for the property online will be displayed on your screen.

Through this process, you can see the date the property was registered, the name of the property owner, the name of the first and second party and the complete area of ​​the property in square or meters.

Frequently Asked Questions for Delhi Property Bond Search

Can I check my property information online?

Yes, you can get complete information about your property sitting at home through the official website of Delhi Online Registration Information System.

Can I verify the property of any other state through the online portal?

No, the online registration information system started by the Delhi government, the website only contains information of property owners in Delhi.

Can I get property owner name information on this online website?

Yes you can see the complete details by the name of the property owner on this online website.

What documents are required to obtain property details online?

You do not need any documentation to get the property details online. All you need to know is the name of the property owner.

What details are required to get online property information in Delhi?

All you need to know is the name of the property owner or the full address of the property. With this information you can get complete information about the property.

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