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There are mobile games on the internet, including PUBG, Freefire, Clash of Clans, all of which are popular apps. Although all of these games are very high level. If we want to tell you how to download 10 MB Game Apps, here is a list of similar processors. All these games are very low MB and can be easily downloaded even on a slow network. Even your normal smartphone will not hang while playing these games.

What are 10MB games?

Here we are talking about some games like this which are less than 10 MB –

So friends, this way you can download all the above games from the Play Store. All of these games have less than 10 MB for you. If you want to download more games or processors, you can go to the Play Store and search.

Advantages of downloading game processor less than 10 MB

Did you know that if you download too many games, your phone may crash? In fact, when the game has more MB, the game uses more RAM of your phone. Your phone’s memory is consuming too much and your phone is starting to crash. Its other features did not work properly. Other processors like Whatsapp, Calling, SMS, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram do not work properly.

Other than that, the file takes a lot of time to load and download. For this reason people are looking for a cam processor with a low MB i.e. less than 10 MB.

Game apps less than 10 MB

How to find low MP games?

When you go to the Play Store you can find a low MB game there. There, whenever you click on the app’s download link to download a game, all you have to do is scroll down. After going down, you can find information related to the game there. In that information you will get the size of the game given in MB.


This way you can know how many MB any game is. After that you can download or install the game anytime.

Are 10 MB games free?

Yes guys, all the games we gave above are free games. You can download all these games for free by visiting the Play Store. If you want, you can download and install the APK file of all these games.

However, we advise you to download the game at any time from the official website of the Play Store.


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