download Health Setu App 2021

download Health Setu App 2021

download Health Setu App 2021

Arogya Sethu App, also known as Arogya Sethu App (Arokya Sethu Mobile App in Hindi) is a mobile application of the Government of India. The health processor is also known as the Corona Setu App. In India, Health Setu Processor is free to download by the government and you can download Setu Processor directly from the Play Store.

Health Setu App Details


Health damage
needed Android 5.0

Evaluation 4.7
(159758 ratings)


Price: 00.00

download Health Setu App 2021

What is Health Setu Mobile App?

Arokya Sethu App is an Android processor launched by NIC Ego Mobile Apps. This application provides health care to Indian people during corona infections. This is why Sethu Processor is also known as Corona App or Corona Sethu App. Provides information on health and services in the Health Setu Processor and the initiatives taken by the Government of India during corona locking.

Information on Health Setu Application in Hindi

Health Setu App Or Arogya Sethu App is a government application provided by the Government of India to provide health related information to the general public during the Corona period. Arogya App is a health and fitness app launched at Govt 10. To download Health Setu Processor, the government has made this processor available for free in the Play Store. Any Android user can download and use Arokya Sethu Processor for free.


download Health Setu App 2021-Download Health Setu Processor

To download Health Setu Mobile Processor, you need to visit the Play Store website or application. Arokya Sethu mobile processor can be downloaded for free on the Play Store. Below are the Play Store download links.

How to download Health Setu Processor?

  • First open the Play Store processor.
  • Discover the health benefits of using it.
  • An app called Health Setu will come in front of you.
  • Go to the application page and click the Install button.
  • After that the health damage processor will be installed.
  • A heart symbol will appear on your phone, under which the health message will be written.
  • Open that processor and find out the details about Arogya Sethu.

Click here to download.

download Health Setu App 2021-Benefits of Health Setu Use

The benefits of health care use are many. Here we will tell you the health processor What are the benefits –

  • The Arogya Sethu application monitors your activity with GPS.
  • If you come close to a corona positive person, the app will monitor him.
  • If you are in close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with a corona infection, the Health Processor will alert you.
  • Arogya Sethu Processor will tell you how to avoid corona.
  • Arogya Sethu Processor will tell you the symptoms of corona.
  • The Health App will alert you if you need help.

Video guide

How to use Health Setu Mobile Processor?

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