DPD Bihar Kisan Registration 2021

DPD Bihar Kisan Registration 2021

DPD Bihar Kisan Registration 2021

The Government of Bihar has developed a website https://dbtagriculture.bihar.gov.in/ for farmers’ projects. Here one can get information about dbt bihar government and see dbt agricultural status. Check the dbtagriculture.bihar.gov.in payment status.

In Bihar there is the DPT Agriculture website of the Department of Agriculture for farmers where any farmer can view his Kisan Yojana registration status in full. Bihar Department of Agriculture Website To check the status of farmer registration in DPT Agriculture, one has to go to the website of DBT Agricultural Registration Bihar. There you can check DPT Kisan registration with Aadhar number.

Bihar Krishi Vibhak Agriculture Department DPT Agriculture Government
Bihar Department of Agriculture – Department of Agriculture Bihar DPD Agriculture

dbt Agriculture Bihar Government – On this website PM Kisan Summon Financial Scheme, Farmer Registration, Input Scheme, Diesel Subsidy Scheme, Prime Minister Krishi Sinchai Yojana, Krishi Mechanic Yojana, Seed / Fertilizer License (State Level) Application, Seed Subsidy Application and other Bihar Government Agricultural Schemes (Registration), Online Application and Application Including payment level.

Information about Dbtagriculture.bihar.gov.in can be found here. Click here for Sfc bihar gov citizen registration.

DPD Bihar Kisan Registration 2021-dbt Agriculture New Registration – dbtag agricultureure.bihar.gov.in

For any Bihar government scheme or subsidy, the farmer brothers must have the first 13 digit farmer registration number. For this, farmers can register with the DPT Agriculture Bihar Government. Aadhar number is required to register at Dbtagriculture.bihar.gov.in.

dbtag agricultureure.bihar.gov.in Online Farmer Registration System

  • First visit dbtagriculture.bihar.gov.in
  • Select the first option in the New Post section.
  • https://dbtagriculture.bihar.gov.in/RegFarmer/ Click.
  • After that the new Farmer Registration Form will open in front of you online.
  • The registration application form for dbtagriculture bihar gov has three options DEMOGRAPHY + OTP, DEMOGRAPHY + BIO-AUTH and IRIS.
  • To register a farmer with an Aadhar card, you must select the DEMOGRAPHY + OTP option.
  • Enter your Aadhaar number there and get OTP on the registered mobile number.
  • You can register after checking the OTP.

After this the dbtagriculture.bihar.gov.in registration form will open in front of you. There you have to submit your information, agricultural land information, crop related information. After that you have to provide the bank account information as well.

After giving all the information, you can complete the farmer registration online at dbtagriculture.bihar.gov.in.

DPD Bihar Kisan Registration 2021-DPT Agriculture Bihar Level 2021

Any farmer can log in to check his registration status at https://dbtag agricultureure.bihar.gov.in/. All the information related to Bihar Farmer Registration is given there.

You can see the record of these projects on the DBT Agriculture website –

  • Jal Jeevan Hariyali (Farm Water Collection / On-site Water Collection Application) Print
  • Input Grant Rabi Season (Premature Rain / Hail / Thunderstorms) (2019-20) Print
  • Grant Rabbi Season (Premature Rain / Hail / Thunderstorms) in February (2019-20)
  • Application status
  • Input Grant Rabbi Season, March (Premature Rain / Hail / Thunderstorms) (2019-20) Print
  • Input Grant (2019-20) Print
  • Input Grant (2019-20) Status
  • Prime Minister Kisan Summon Financial Plan
  • Prime Minister Kisan Summon Financial Plan (Review)
  • PM-KISAN payment level
  • PM-KISAN Rejected Application List (PFMS)
  • PM-KISAN Source Details Application list Error
  • Input subsidy for drought-hit constituencies (18-19)
  • Input Grant for Drought Success Modules (18-19) (Review)
  • Diesel subsidy (Cariff)
  • Diesel Carrif (2019-20)
  • Diesel subsidy (Rabi)
  • Print Prime Minister Kisan Summon Financial Plan Application
  • Print the input grant application for Drought Success Modules
  • Print Diesel Grant Application

The status of all Bihar Kisan Yojana is available in DPT Agriculture Bihar Government.

DPD Bihar Kisan Registration 2021 Search Registration Details – dbtagriculture.bihar.gov.in Registration Status

After registering the farmer, you will be given a registration number. This registration number is called Kisan Registration Number. You can check your Farmer Registration or DPT Agricultural Status with DPT Agriculture Bihar Government at Registration Number.

How To Check Registration Status In DPT Agriculture Bihar Government

  • For direct use exchange, visit the Department of Agriculture website
  • In the Record menu, select the ‘View Record’ option.
  • The search log details page will then open in front of you.
  • You can find your record there.
  • You have three options – Aadhar number, mobile number or registration ID
  • Select any of the three and enter your serial number.
  • After that click the search button to see your log record and status.

Click here to view farmer registration records.

DPD Bihar Kisan Registration 2021 BM Kisan Registration Status – DPT Agriculture Bihar Government

Information on Bihar Department of Agriculture or Department of Agriculture registration is available on DPT Bihar’s portal. For this you need to go to PM KISAN status page.

This information is for agricultural brothers living in Bihar only. Farmers registered with the Bihar Agriculture Department can check their status.

Tabad Agricultural Government of Bihar Department of Agriculture
Tabad Agricultural Government of Bihar Department of Agriculture

DPD Bihar Kisan Registration 2021 DPT Agricultural Input Subsidy Check 2021

You can see the status of input scheme of Bihar Agriculture Department on DPT Agriculture Bihar Government Portal. For this, you need to have the application number of your farmer registration. The input subsidy is a scheme of Bihar Agriculture Department and its beneficiaries can avail it.

  • Visit Bihar Agricultural Website DBT Bihar.
  • In the Application Status section there click on the Application Status of the Input Scheme.
  • The format of the application verification status for the draft will appear on the next page.
  • Enter your Bihar Kisan registration number in that form.
  • After that the input project stage of Bihar Dabad agriculture will appear there.
Krishi Vivak Bihar Government DPD Agriculture Government in the input scheme
Krishi Vivak Bihar Government DPD Agriculture Government in the input scheme

DPD Bihar Kisan Registration 2021 dbtag agricultureure.bihar.gov.in Registration – Print approval

After registration, your farmer can print the registration consent. Dbtag agricultureure.bihar.gov.in has the option to print two types of approvals – registration approval printing and application-approval printing.

How to print registration approval

  • Go to Dbtagriculture.bihar.gov.in
  • Click the link to print the acknowledgment slip in the registration option.
  • Then select Registration Approval on the next page.
  • Select either the registration number or the reference number in the data.
  • Enter your registration number or reference number and generate approval.
  • Dbtagriculture.bihar.gov.in Registration acknowledgment can be printed by clicking on the print button.

How to print application approval

  • On the Approval Print page, select the option to print the application approval.
  • In the Data option, select one of the registration number, application number or reference number.
  • Then enter your serial number.
  • Record the approval and print the input-grant approval.

Click here to print approval.

DPD Bihar Kisan Registration 2021 DBT Agriculture – PM Kisan List of Rejected Application

The rejected list of Bihar Prime Minister Kisan’s record can also be found on the Department of Agriculture’s website.

Here is how to check the status of Bihar Agricultural Registration and other Department of Agriculture applications –

If your name is on this list, you will not be able to avail the benefits of Kisan Yojana. You should contact the Bihar Department of Agriculture office.

DPD Bihar Kisan Registration 2021 DPD Department of Agriculture – Bihar Krishi Vivak Project List

Many schemes are run by the Department of Agriculture, Government of Bihar for farmers. Those plans include the Directorate of Agriculture given here. See the list of DPT Bihar projects here –

Directorate of Agriculture Project, Government of Bihar

  • Bihar Agricultural Mechanization Project
  • Bihar Agriculture Department’s Natural Agriculture Improvement Project
  • Bihar Food Security Mission, Government of Bihar
  • Bihar Seed Development Project
  • Bihar Agricultural Credit Interest Subsidy Scheme
  • Soil seeds and fertilizers, laboratory strengthening test program
  • Plan to strengthen agricultural expansion
  • Bihar Kisan Diesel Subsidy Scheme
  • National Mission on Oilseeds and Oil Palm
  • Agricultural Marketing Development Program

Directorate of Land Conservation, DPD Agricultural Project

  • Bihar Agricultural Soil Health Card
  • Bihar Agricultural Soil Health Management
  • Bihar Irrigation Area Development Project (RAD)
  • My. S. Yes. R. I. I. Outstanding amount for the financial year 2017-18
  • Bio Production Analysis Project
  • National Agricultural Development Program (General)

Atma Goshang DPT Agriculture Department Projects

  • Kisan sapal milk project 48 / Bameti / 2018
  • 64 / BAMETI / 2018 For fixed pay of employees working under state scheme item
  • 64 / BAMETI / 2018 For fixed pay of employees working under state scheme item

DPD Bihar Kisan Registration 2021 About Dbtagriculture.bihar.gov.in

In 2021, many projects have come up for farmers in Bihar. Other information like application and application status, payment status and beneficiary list, beneficiary status and account information of these schemes are available at dbtag agricultureure.bihar.gov.in

About Dbtagriculture.bihar.gov.in –

DPT Agriculture Government of Bihar

See LSBA fee level or fee level.

For any more information,queries,data or anything else, please feel free to contact us through any platforms.



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