Eligibility List 2021, All State Higher Scholarships / Admissions

HIGHERDURY 2021 Admission and Eligibility List – The Government of India has established Higher Education Scholarships for all States in India. If you are a higher education student and ready to receive a scholarship for admission, go to the Hierarchy website and get details about the online scholarship portal for the Department of Higher Education. See here for more details on Hikerduhri Qualification List 2021 and admission.


In 2021, the Department of Higher Education, Haryana, has introduced new scholarship schemes. Scholarships, Foundation Guide, RISE, NSS, NCC and other Admissions Scholarships are offered on the Hiereduhri website portal. The Prius Plan and e-Karma, Thrushikon, MRIDA and other online services will be available on the Hikareduhri portal in 2021.

HighHerory Online 2020

HighCreditor Merit List 2021

For admission under the Department of Higher Education, you must be eligible and be named on the Higreduhri Eligibility List. For that, you have to follow the instructions given here.

To verify the new Hiroheduhri Qualification List 2021, follow these steps –

  • Go to http://dhe.chd.gov.in/Version2/MeritList.aspx
  • There, click on Eligibility List 2021.
  • Select non-centralized courses
  • On the next page, check the personal list for non-centered subjects
  • Select your syllabus and check out the new HighCredit Merit List 2021.

The DHE CHD qualification list for Haryana Higher Education can also be downloaded in PDF format.

HighHerory Admission Announcement 2020

Admission to the High Court 2021

For online admission through Hikerduhri Portal, follow the given instructions –

  • Go to https://dheadmissions.nic.in/
  • Click Student Login
  • Enter registration number or mobile number
  • Enter the password
  • Login and fill out the Higher Education Admission Form
  • Submit the HiHeroHeduhri Admission Form online

Online Admission Portal Hieherty

After that, your admission process will be over.

Key dates related to Hickred Admission 2021

Mr. No. Title Date / Timeline
1 Submission of Admission Form Online – Start Date September 7 (Monday)
2 Submission of Admission Form Online – Deadline September 24 (Thrust)
3 Online document verification Until September 27 (Sunday)
4 Display of the first qualifying list October 1 (Thrust)
5 Fee submission October 1 to October 5 (Monday to Monday)
6 Display of 2nd Qualification List October 8 (Thrust)
7 Submission of fees October 8 to October 12 (Monday to Monday)
8 The beginning of teaching October 13 (Tuesday)

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