Exam Form Level Validation


Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education or Board of Secondary Education has provided the facility to check the status of Madhya Pradesh by completing the online examination form. If a student wants to check the status of his / her form in the secondary examination, he / she should visit the official website bsemp.nic.in. Please note that the website with https: // is not yet open, so you need to click on the option in advance and open the website without https: // as needed. You can follow the steps mentioned here to check the status of the exam form.

Exam Form Level Validation

How to check the status of your exam form?

  1. Visit the website Bsemp.nic.in.
  2. Click on Student Option
  3. Go to the link of the application / examination application
  4. The procedure for filling up the examination application form is given there. Go under it.
  5. Select the option to know the status of the exam form
  6. Your Form Registration Number. To enter
  7. Click the button to verify the status of your exam form
Check the status of the exam form
Check the status of the exam form

So, students, you can get the information related to your exam form by following the steps mentioned above. Please confirm this information first from the official website or from the concerned authority and only then use it. We cannot provide official information. Here, just for your help, according to your information, the thing is said.

Important information for school leaders

  • Filling out the forms for enrolling new students in the legislature, paying the admission fee online, filling out the exam form, and paying the exam fee are all important and important tasks.
  • Schools or any other computer / computer cannot do that. The laptop is asked to do all of the above. This will ensure the accuracy of the data |.
  • All schools have the facility to get the school username / password to work on the portal.
  • In order to obtain the password, an OTP will be sent to the mobile number provided by the Speaker at the time of authorization. The username / password of the legislature will be issued by the port only after entering the OTP. The Assembly Speaker may contact the District Education Officer to change the mobile number.
  • All school principals are requested to work on the portal as much as possible and the school username / password is not covered by any other company / organization. Do not share with an individual.
  • If the password is given to another person, the school will be responsible if there is an error in the school data, student admission, exam form on the portal.
  • Change your password from time to time.

The above information is taken from the login page of bsemp.nic.in. Please use the official website only for any service or information. Do not share your details with anyone else.

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BSEMP Portal Login

How to login to BSEMP Portal?

  • Go to Bsemp.nic.in or http://mpbse.nic.in/.
  • Click the Login option in the top menu.
  • Click on the cross to re-pop-up.
  • Go to the portal login form on the left side of the page.
  • Enter the username.
  • Enter your password there.
  • Enter the captcha code as shown.
  • Submit the form and log in to the BSEMP Portal.

For more information, visit the official website of http://mpbse.nic.in/ Contact 18002330175 for any information regarding the exam and the form.


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