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From time to time, the Haryana government launches new schemes for farmers. Recently by the government Haryana Animal Credit Card Scheme 2021 Has been launched. The state government wants to be able to increase the income of farmers in Haryana. Today, through this article of ours, we will present this to you Haryana Cow Credit Card Scheme 2021 Tells about. If you also want information about this project, you should read our full day.

Today, through our this article, we will provide you Haryana Animal Credit Card Scheme 2021 Under the application process eligibility rules, the required documents will provide complete information about the loan amount and the benefits of the scheme. If you are now looking for Haryana Cow Credit Card Information on the internet, you have come to the right place. This Haryana Bahu Credit Card Scheme 2021 To get detailed information, complete article is required.

Haryana Cow Credit Card Scheme 2021

As we all know farmers need money for agriculture. Sometimes they have to buy seeds, fertilizers and many other pesticides to grow their crops. Due to the financial crisis, it is often seen that farmers are unable to afford the resources that will increase the quality and productivity of the crop. Due to this, their crop is produced in very small quantities and due to this they get low income. Because of this, his entire family is struggling financially.

The Haryana state government is aware of this and wants the farming community to never face a financial crisis. The state government for this Haryana Animal Credit Card Scheme 2021 Has been launched. By Farmers Loan up to a maximum of ₹ 160000 can get. We tell you about the loan purchased with this car No interest will be charged by the government. Under the scheme, farmers can withdraw money from credit cards and use it to buy new livestock, buy fodder for livestock, make their living arrangements, build tin sheds and various other activities.

By the State Government Haryana Cow Credit Card Scheme 2021 This is a better and better way to increase the income of the farmers and now the farmers do not have to depend on any other person or bank loan for their livestock related expenses. Using this credit card, farmers can withdraw funds at any time and upgrade their livestock facilities. If you are also trying to apply under this scheme and are unable to apply, we have provided the complete process for this in our article.

Key Points Haryana Cow Credit Card Scheme 2021

Following are the key points under the Animal Credit Card Scheme 2021 launched by the Haryana State Government.

  • It will be provided to livestock farmers Haryana Cow Credit Card Scheme 2021 With this you can get தொக 160000.
  • The money taken from the credit card can be used by farmers to buy new livestock, fodder for animals, build tin sheds or other animal related arrangements.
  • In fact, the credit card will charge 7% interest on the amount paid by the state government.
  • We can tell you that 3% subsidy will be provided by the Central Government of India on the interest charged on the amount withdrawn by this credit card.
  • If a farmer wants to withdraw money from an animal credit card and pays it on time, he will be given an additional 4% discount by the state government.
  • The farmer has to repay the amount taken from this credit card within 1 year.
  • Neither the Central Government nor the State Government will charge any interest to take up to 00 160000 from the farmer credit card.

Loan amount of Cash Credit Card Scheme 2021

We are all well aware that the maximum population in our country depends on agriculture. 90 to 80% of these farmers are also engaged in animal husbandry. These farmers have to arrange things like fodder for their animals from time to time. Sometimes due to lack of funds, farmers are unable to provide high quality fodder to their livestock. Due to this their cattle give less milk or work less in the fields. As a result, farmers get lower incomes.

But it was started by the Haryana state government Animal Credit Card Plan 2021 Under this, farmers do not have to worry about money being spent on their livestock. This is because such a credit card will be issued to them by the government so that they can withdraw money from anywhere and buy the items they need. The most important thing about a credit card is that the government will not charge interest on the amount you withdraw from anyone.

Haryana Cow Credit Card Scheme 2021 The loan amount below is the loan amount given to different types of animals

  • Buy Buffalo – 7249
  • Buy in the morning – 16337
  • Buy cow – 40783
  • Buy sheep – 4063
  • Buy Boiler Chicken – 161
  • Buy laying hens – 720
  • Buy Murra Buffalo 3 76300
  • Buy Desi Cattle 8 70825
  • Buy Overseas Jersey Cow 71325

Cash Credit Card Scheme 2021 Debt Repayment

If you Haryana Animal Credit Card Scheme 2021 If you borrow under this, you have to pay it off on time. If you repay the amount taken by credit card on time, you can get a loan with this card next time.

According to records with the state government, so far 140,000 farmers in the state have applied for the animal credit card. Farmers will get the credit card only after completing the verification and other procedures of the state government. After issuing the credit card, farmers can purchase products related to agriculture or animal husbandry at any time.

With Haryana Cow Credit Card, we tell you that you cannot get the full loan amount for free. Instead, you will receive a full loan from the government in six different installments. After withdrawing money from your credit card, let them know that you must repay the entire loan within 1 year from the date of your first installment.

If a farmer is unable to repay the loan on time, the government will charge interest on the remaining amount. If the farmer has repaid the entire loan on time, there is no need to pay interest in that case. We tell you that the state government wants this Haryana Cow Credit Card Scheme 2021 Under this, 800,000 farmers in the state will soon be insured.

Eligibility for Cow Credit Card Scheme 2021

From the information given above, you should know it Haryana Animal Credit Card Scheme 2021 How much it will benefit the farmers. Now if you want to become a beneficiary under this scheme you have to fulfill the following qualifications.

  • The farmer applying should be from the state of Haryana.
  • The amount withdrawn from the animal credit card should only be used for livestock and related procedures.
  • The farmer should have his own bank account, which should be linked to the Aadhar card.
  • If you have a bank account, it is mandatory to link it with a ban card.
  • It is very important for interested farmers to have their voter ID card, ban card and Aadhar card.
  • You must have a 10 digit active mobile number that is not linked to the bank and Aadhar card.
  • The farmer should own agricultural land or a place to raise livestock.
  • Credit card will be issued by the government under this scheme only to the farmers who have not paid the loan in the bank.
  • If the farmer has taken a loan from any bank before and does not repay it on time, the credit card will not be issued to such farmer.

Apply Online for Cow Credit Card Scheme 2021

You should know this Haryana Animal Credit Card Scheme 2021 How Important If you want to apply for this program, you will need to submit your application form offline.

Please note = Haryana Cow Credit Card Scheme 2021 No online registration or application process. All farmers have to apply offline. The procedure for applying for a credit card offline is given below.

Haryana Cow Credit Card Scheme 2021 You can apply through two methods as follows.

1 By the milk dairy plant

2 Through a nationalized bank

Carefully read the detailed information about the two processes in the section below.

  1. Animal Credit Card Application Through Dairy Dairy

    Cow Under this, 24 dairy farms have been selected by the state government.

    Cow If you are a dairy operator, for this, the concerned officer will come and get the application form at your own dairy farm milk collection center.

    Cow Your complete information will be filled in the application form by the officer and your passport size photo will be affixed.

    Cow After completing the application form and attaching all the relevant documents to the application form, the officers will take it away.

    Cow Once the application process is complete the officers will come to your own dairy and hand over the credit card to you.

  2. Animal Credit Card Application by Bank

    Cow If you want to apply through the bank, you need to go to any nationalized bank branch.

    Cow After reaching the bank branch, you have to meet the concerned officer and take the application form and apply.

    Cow Fill in all the information requested in the application form and attach the required documents.

    Cow Finally you have to submit the application form.

This will complete your application process. Under the Haryana Animal Credit Card Scheme 2021, credit card will be issued from the branch office. After submitting the application form, it will be verified by the authorities and all your documents will be stopped completely.

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