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Haryana Shramik Kanya Shati Anuthan Yojana

Haryana Shramik Kanya Shati Anuthan Yojana 2021 Avedan Shramik Kanya Viva Anuthan Yojana 2021 | Haryana Shramik Girl Marriage Assistance Scheme 2021 | Female Marriage Grant Scheme 2021 in Haryana | Haryana Worker Daughter Marriage Scholarship Scheme 2021 | Shramik Bedi Shadi Sakayatha Yojana 2021

Dear people of Haryana, Through today’s article, we have brought you information about an amazing project. The name of the project Haryana Shramik Girl Marriage Assistance Scheme 2021 There is. You need to know the name Haryana Shramik Kanya Shati Anuthan Yojana 2021 Through this, the state government will provide financial assistance to the working class of the state. Through this article, we provide you with detailed information about this project.

As you should know by reading the name of this project, this project was started for the marriage of the daughter of a worker from Purna village in Haryana. Under the scheme, state government workers will be given a grant of ₹ 51000 for the marriage of their daughter. Will provide the amount. By using this amount, the workers of the poorest section of the state can marry off their daughters in luxury. This Haryana Shramik Bedi Viva Yojana 2021 The announcement was made by Haryana Labor Minister Nayab Saini.

Haryana Shramik Kanya Wedding Anuthan Yojana 2021

As we all know, the economic condition of the workers in our country is not good. Recently, the country was locked up due to the corona virus, which gave many workers jobs. Because of this he had to face financial crisis. At such times, various schemes were run by the state government for the workers. These projects were projects that provided multiple financial grants.

This is one of the schemes launched by the Haryana State Government for workers. Female Marriage Grant Scheme 2021 in Haryana There is. The Minister of Labor has announced that the state government will provide 51000 euros to the workers for the marriage of the workers’ daughter. We are all well aware that poor and working class families cannot afford to spend much on their daughters’ weddings. The biggest reason for this is financial constraints.

With this in mind, the state government Haryana Shramik daughter marriage plan 2021 Has been launched. In addition, the state government has decided that poor workers will now receive a monthly pension of ₹ 3,000 instead of 300. The subsidy provided by the state government under the Kanya Shati scheme will go directly to the worker’s bank account. This amount will be paid by the State Government by check.

Benefits under Shramik Bedi Shati Sahayada Yojana 2021

If you too live in the state of Haryana and want to apply under this scheme, you have to submit the application form to the concerned department. In the section below we discuss the benefits given under this scheme.

  • With the money received under this scheme, state workers can marry off their daughter without financial restrictions.
  • Workers in the state no longer have to take out any military loan for their daughter’s wedding or apply for a loan from a bank.
  • It is often seen that due to financial constraints, workers are not able to spend much for their son’s wedding. Now labor-loving families no longer have to worry about wedding expenses.
  • It is seen that a lot of infanticide cases come to the fore after the birth of a daughter. With this project, now that too will be reduced.
  • The subsidy will be paid by the State Government by check to the worker’s bank account 3 days before the wedding.

Eligibility for Shramik Bedi Shadi Anuthan Yojana

If you want to apply for this program you must first meet the eligibility criteria given below.

  • The worker must be a resident of the state of Haryana.
  • The family income of the worker applying should not exceed ₹ 100000.
  • To get the wedding grant, the wedding invitation must be attached to the application form.
  • Only those below the poverty line or BPL workers can apply for this scheme.
  • Its benefit will be given only to the workers who have registered themselves.

Only a worker who meets all the eligibility criteria specified by the state government can apply for this scheme. If you do not meet any of the above conditions, you will not be able to apply for this program.

Application for Shramik Kanya Marriage Anuthan Yojana

You can apply for this program if you have read all the eligibility criteria given above and fulfilled them. The procedure for applying for Haryana Shramik Kanya Shati Anuthan Yojana 2021 is as follows.

  1. It should be noted that the applicant must be registered as a worker under the State Government.
  2. Workers who do not register themselves and do not receive a prepared labor card will not be covered under this scheme.
  3. Interested applicants should visit the Panchayat office of their village.
  4. To apply under this scheme the application form should be taken from the officer in charge of the office.
  5. Now you have to fill in all the information in this application form properly and submit it to the officer in the office.
  6. You will need to submit all the required documents along with the application form.

    Haryana Shramik Kanya Shati Anuthan Yojana

Haryana Shramik Girl Marriage Assistance Scheme 2021 After submitting your application form and all the documents, you will be given an approval receipt by the officer. Your application number will be written on this receipt so that you can check the status of the application. The verification process will first be completed by the department officials. If everything is correct in verification, a check by 51000 will be deposited by the government in your bank account.

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