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The state and federal governments periodically introduce new programs for girls. In this line, the Government of Rajasthan has launched a new scheme from which the daughters will get a lot of benefits. The name of this new project Rajasthan Karki Puraskar Project 2021. The project has been launched to complete the education of women. Through today’s article, we provide you with detailed information about this project.

We will provide you with this through our article Rajasthan Karki Puraskar Yojana 2021 Provides online application, eligibility rules, required documentation list and complete information on benefits and features. If you also want to benefit under this program, we advise you to read our article to the end. If you need any information regarding this project, please let us know in the comments below.

Rajasthan Karki Purashkar Yojana 2021

As we all know, from time to time new schemes for women empowerment are launched by the Central and Rajasthan Governments. In this direction, financial assistance will be provided by the State Government to complete the education of daughters. The Rajasthan government wants daughters to have equal opportunities in all fields just like sons. With this in mind, it is Rajasthan Karki Puraskar Project 2021 Has been launched.

Under the Karki Puraskar scheme, financial assistance will be provided by the state government to girls who pass Class 10 and 12 with good marks. 75% marks in class X will be awarded by the Department of Education to daughters. Rajasthan Karki Puraskar Project 2021 Under this, a prize money of 3000 money will be given. Similarly, the government will give a cash prize of Rs 5,000 to a daughter who passes Class XII with equal marks or above Class X.

Objectives of Karki Puraskar Yojana 2021

This amount will be given to the daughters in the state only after they have passed class 12 and they will be enrolled in college or university for higher education. Rajasthan Karki Puraskar Project 2021 With financial assistance, the daughters will also be issued certificates by the government. Most of the girls in our country are educated only up to 12th class and their education is provided. The biggest reason for this is financial constraints. Parents do not spend as much money as they spend on their daughters’ education.

Rajasthan Karki Puraskar Project 2021 This problem should be solved by starting the state government. Daughters should get the same education as daughters so that they too can walk shoulder to shoulder in every field. The money received under this scheme can be used by women for their higher education. With the help of this money, they can get admission in college or university or use it as expenses for going to college. The daughter should keep in mind that the marks prescribed by the Department of Education should have come in her final examination. The amount disbursed under this scheme will be sent directly by the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education to the bank account of the students through DPD.

Features of Karki Puraskar Yojana 2021

Karki Puraskar Online Application 2021 Rajasthan Before applying, be sure to read the features below.

  • Government assistance of ₹ 3000 in the form of cash prize is given to daughters who pass 10th class in Rajasthan Board with 75% marks.
  • The daughter who gets 75% or more marks in class 12 will be awarded கல்வி 5000 as cash prize by the Department of Education.
  • Financial assistance received under the scheme will be deposited in the daughter’s account by check.
  • Gift distribution is organized every year on Basant Panchami day under the scheme by the State Government.
  • With the launch of the Karki Puraskar scheme, the state government wants girls to be empowered and self-sufficient.
  • Funds provided by the government can be used by female students to purchase items related to their education or study or to gain admission to a college.
  • Now with this program parents will not have to worry about the daily expenses for the education of students and daughters.

Eligibility and Documents for Karki Puraskar Yojana 2021

Who is the student Karki Award Ceremony Rajasthan They have to fulfill all the eligibility conditions given below and submit all the documents mentioned below along with the application form.

Eligibility Rules

  • The student must be a resident of the state of Rajasthan.
  • A student who gets 75% or more marks in class X is eligible for this program.
  • Female student with 75% or higher marks in class can apply for this program.
  • It is mandatory for a woman who has booked an Intermediate Class Pass to get admission in a college or university.
  • The daughter’s family should come under the low income group or below the poverty line i.e. BPL category.

Required Documents

  • All school certificates of the student
  • Daughter’s Aadhar card
  • High school and middle class certificates
  • Daughter’s home certificate
  • Copy of BPL Ration Card
  • Copy of bank account passbook
  • 10 digit mobile number
  • Passport size photo of the applicant
  • All documents provided by the school

Apply online for Karki Puraskar Yojana 2021

Daughters who want to get help under the Karki Award, they must first register online, we tell you the complete method of online application through the points given below.

  1. You Rajasthan Karki Puraskar Project 2021 First apply under Shala Durban official website https://rajshaladarpan.nic.in/ To be continued.
  2. Once you reach the official website, on the home page, you will see an option for the Karki Award that you need to click on.
  3. In the next step of the application you need to click on the option to apply.
  4. After opening the registration form, now all the information asked in it will not be filled properly.


After completing the registration form, the required documents should be attached and submitted online.
So Rajasthani women in this way Karki Award Ceremony 2021 You can submit your application form below for any assistance or assistance or other information related to the project, you can visit the official website of Shala Durban. If you need any assistance in applying, you can ask us your question by commenting below. Our team is online 24 × 7. Our team will try to help you soon.

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