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Today’s article is the most important article for the citizens of Uttar Pradesh. If you are also the father of a daughter, this article will give you very useful information, through today’s article, we will tell you UP Bhagyalakshmi Yojana 2021 The procedure for applying below is given below. You must have understood from the name that this scheme was started by the state government for daughters.

We will provide you with this through our article Upi Bhagya Lakshmi Yojana 2021 Provides detailed information on the application process, eligibility criteria, required documentation, and the benefits of this program. We have already mentioned above that this project was started by the Government of Uttar Pradesh for daughters. All of you are requested to read this article in its entirety and then submit your application form under the scheme.

Upi Bhagya Lakshmi Yojana 2021 Details

As the name of the scheme suggests, this scheme is an excellent step taken by the government to empower women. The state government wants to find some solution to the declining number of women in Uttar Pradesh. Keep the sex ratio right in the state and stop the abortion of daughters, which UP Bhagyalakshmi Yojana 2021 Has been launched.

The Uttar Pradesh government will provide financial assistance to the parents of the beneficiaries of the scheme for the education of the daughter and the birth of the daughter. With this, now no parent will consider their daughter a burden. We often remember that many do not spend any money on their daughters’ education or save anything for their secure future. This is because the family falls under the low income category. Most families in the state spend their monthly income on their livelihood or the good upbringing of their sons.

Purpose of Upi Bhagya Lakshmi Yojana 2021

Upi Bhagya Lakshmi Yojana 2021 Uttar Pradesh State Government will provide assistance 5100 financial assistance to a daughter who gives birth to a daughter through Puniram to her parents. This ₹ 50000 phone will be converted to ₹ 200000 when the daughter will do 21 years old. Interest will be charged by the State Government, which will benefit you when the amount is refunded.

For example, if a daughter is born in your household, you must immediately complete and submit a form under this plan. After the approval of your application, bank 5100 will be sent to your bank account immediately by the government. The State Government will send this amount directly through the DBT to the beneficiary’s bank account. In addition, a bond of 50,000 will be deposited in the name of the daughter of the Uttar Pradesh government. On this phone, the state government will give you the benefit of interest every month. When the daughter is 21, the daughter can use it for her studies, business, skills training. This amount will increase to 200000.

Benefits of Upi Bhagya Lakshmi Yojana 2021

People of Uttar Pradesh Upi Bhagya Lakshmi Yojana 2021 Below is a list of benefits Please read the benefits points of the program carefully below.

  • Under this scheme, a bond of Rs. 50,000 will be deposited by the State Government as soon as the daughter is born.
  • The interest on this deposit bond will be paid by the State Government.
  • When the daughter reaches the age of 21, the value of this bond will be 000 200000.
  • When the daughter enrolls in the sixth grade, at that time the government will pay பெற்றோ 3000 into the parents’ bank account.
  • When the daughter enrolls in the eighth grade, at that time the parents’ bank account will be sent by the government by 5000.
  • At the time of admission in the tenth class, the bank account of the guardian of 7000 daughters will be provided by the government.
  • By the time the session reaches 12th grade, the state government will be providing உதவி 8000 financial assistance to parents.
  • Upi Bhagya Lakshmi Yojana 2021 Under this, மகள் 23000 will be provided by the government when the daughter continues her education.
  • The daughter can use the amount given under this scheme as she wishes.

Documents for UP Bhagyalakshmi Yojana 2021

Dear people of Uttar Pradesh, If you too want to avail this scheme, you have to submit the application form along with the documents.

  • Birth certificate issued by the authority
  • Photo copy of BPL Ration Card
  • Copy of Aadhar card
  • Income certificate to show annual income
  • Signing the application form of the Chief Medical Officer

Qualification for UP Bhagya Lakshmi Yojana 2021

If you have all the documents mentioned above, you must meet the following qualifications.

  • The parents applying should reside in Uttar Pradesh
  • Once a daughter is born, the family has to register the birth at the nearest Anganwadi Center within 1 month.
  • Upi Bhagya Lakshmi Yojana 2021 The benefit of the pundit under this scheme is available only if the daughter gets married after the age of 18 years.
  • It is mandatory for the applying family to have a BPL ration card below the poverty line.
  • The daughter must be enrolled in a government school for study. Parents who teach their daughter in private schools are ineligible for this program.
  • The annual income of the parents applying should not exceed 200000.
  • Uttar Pradesh government employees can apply for Uttar Pradesh Bhagya Lakshmi Yojana 2021.

Apply online for UP Bhagya Lakshmi Yojana 2021

We will tell you the application process. Given below Upi Bhagya Lakshmi Yojana 2021 Follow the complete procedure to apply below

  1. To apply, you must first go to the nearest public service center i.e. CSC (Jana Seva Kendra).
  2. After reaching the Emitra Center, you will need to pick up the application form from the operator. For the application form, the operator sitting at the CSC center will charge you a nominal fee.
  3. There is no charge for registration under this scheme.
  4. Upon receipt of the application form, all the required information such as daughter’s name, parent’s name, parent’s reference number, annual income information, full address of the household and a copy of the passbook of the account opened in the bank account will be filled.
  5. After submitting the application form and all the documents, the CSC operator will issue you an acknowledgment receipt.
  6. Your application number will be written on this amount and you will need to keep it with you.


So how do you UP Bhagyalakshmi Yojana 2021 You can apply online. Please keep the receipt issued to you after applying. Your application number will be given in it. You can track the status of your application through the application form number.

We tell you that you must have the correct information in the application form. The information and documents you provide will be verified by the department. Your application will be rejected if any of the information you provide is found to be inaccurate or found to be false. Once the application is approved, the amount will be paid by the government to your bank account UP Bhagyalakshmi Yojana 2021 Begin to seek help. You will be notified by the department as soon as the application is approved.

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