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Dear people of Uttar Pradesh, we all know how much suffering people experience in their lives. It is often seen that various obstacles arise in their marriage. People with disabilities need to put more effort into every social field. The information we have brought to you today about the project will be very useful for those with disabilities. The name of this project Uttar Pradesh Divyangjan Marriage Promotion Scheme 2021.

Through our article today, we will provide you with detailed information about this project. In this article we give you Uttar Pradesh Viklang Shaadi Protsahan Yojana 2021 Online Application, Will provide complete information on eligibility criteria, list of required documents, features and benefits of the program. Sister, if you want to be a part of this project too, you should read the information we have given you to the end. If you need any other information regarding this project, be sure to let us know in the comments.

What is Divyangan Wedding Protestant Plan 2021?

We are all well aware of the difficulties that people with disabilities face in their lives. In many social spheres, due to their physical disability, they do not have the opportunity to progress equally. It can often be seen that there are many problems in the marriage of a disabled person. Because of this the memories remain unmarried for a lifetime or have to spend more money than necessary. With this problem in mind, the state government Uttar Pradesh Disability Marriage Promotion Scheme 2021 Has been launched.

Under the scheme, financial assistance will be provided by the state government to disabled couples. Husband and wife with disabilities can get financial assistance from the state government. With this, the state government wants to give equal status to more people with disabilities in the state. Upi Divyangjan Marriage Incentive Scheme202Under 1, the state government will provide a total of 000 35000 to disabled couples i.e. husband and wife. Some rules have been set by the government to provide this amount. We will talk about that in our next section.

Features of Viklangjan Viva Protsahan Plan 2021

Uttar Pradesh Divyangjan Marriage Promotion Scheme 2021 The following are the features:

  • Uttar Pradesh Divyangjan Marriage Promotion Scheme 2021 Through this, the state government wants the disabled to have equal opportunities to progress.
  • Under this scheme, the state government will provide financial assistance to the disabled husband and wife.
  • Under this scheme, a marriage will be subsidized for a disabled husband and wife.
  • In a Jyoti married couple, both husband and wife are disabled, then the young man is paid ₹ 1500 and the woman 2000.
  • Accordingly, the disabled couple will be given a grant of ₹ 3500 for marriage under this scheme.
  • The above amount will be sent directly by the State Government to the joint account of the husband and wife.

Eligibility and Documents for Divyang Shati Yojana 2021

The brother and sister who wish to receive a grant under this scheme must first meet the eligibility criteria given below UP Viklang Shaadi Protsahan Yojana 2021 Application Form Must be submitted with the documents mentioned below.

Eligibility Rules

  • The couple applying should be from Uttar Pradesh.
  • Of the couples applying, one of the spouses must be more than 40% disabled.
  • Beneficiary must be between 18 and 47 years of age.
  • Both husband and wife are required to have a joint bank account.
  • Divyangan Shadi Viva Incentive Scheme 2021 None of the couples applying under this scheme should be an income taxpayer.
  • In couples, there should be no legal relationship between husband and wife.
  • The applicant couple should not have any subsequent domestic violence, harassment or domestic conflict.

Required Documents

  • Aadhar card of husband and wife
  • Couple marriage certificate
  • Family photo during the wedding
  • Separate photos of husband and wife
  • Certificate of disability greater than 40%
  • Copy of Passbook of Joint Account in Bank
  • Husband wife mobile number
  • Passport size photo of the couple
  • Couple’s home certificate in Uttar Pradesh

Apply online for UP Viklang Shaadi Yojana 2021

If you also want to participate under this pina, you need to register yourself online. Divyangan Department Marriage Incentive Scheme 2021 Under the online application process we say below.

  1. To apply, you must first visit the official website of the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities in Uttar Pradesh. http://uphwd.gov.in/hi To be continued.
  2. After reaching the website, you need to click on the Online Registration Form option.
  3. In the next section of the application, you will now have to fill in all the details asked in the application form in detail.
  4. Now you need to upload the scanned copy of all the documents mentioned above along with the registration form.
  5. Re-check the application form thoroughly and check the documents.
  6. If all the information you provided is correct, press the Submit button and submit the application form online.


In this way you are the people of Uttar Pradesh Divyangan Shadi Viva Incentive Scheme 2021 You can submit an application form for denial. One thing you need to remember is that after submitting the application form, you should print out the acknowledgment receipt. Your application number is written on this image. With the help of this application number, you can view your application status online anytime.

Helpline UP Divyangjan Shaadi / Viva Yojana 2021

It is often seen that sometimes we get into some difficulties while applying. For this Uttar Pradesh Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities Applicants are also provided with a free helpline. If you also face any problem, you can contact the department officials by contacting the number given below.

  • Helpline-844-8385-590

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