Ganga Quest 2021 Registration 2021

Ganga Quest 2021 Registration 2021

Ganga Quest 2021 Registration 2021

The Ganga Quest 2021 registration process has started at The Naomi Ganga Quiz for School and Individuals has started. The search began on April 22, World Earth Day. The Ganga Search Competition was launched by the National Pure Ganga Mission (NMCG). Anyone can register online to play the tournament. There are three rounds of search. The registration and rules are given below.

How to JoinGanga Quest 2021 Registration 2021- Registration Process

What is the Ganga Quest registration process?

  • To register for Ganga Quest 2021, go to the online registration page.
  • Click
  • Select if you want to register individually or as a school.
  • If you click on one of the options, a form will appear on the screen.
  • Provide information such as name, date of birth, address and other details.
  • Submit the registration form to apply online for the Ganga Quest contest.

Ganga Quest 2021 Registration 2021-What is Ganga Quest Contest?

Ganga Quest is a competition consisting of three rounds of tests. The competition is organized by the Pure Ganga Mission (NMCG) of the Government of India. It is part of the Naomi Ganga project launched by Mr. Narendra Modiji.

Ganga Quest 2021 Registration 2021-Ganga Quest Naomi Ganga Tournament Round

There are three round matches in the Naomi Ganga tournament. Recording has started for each round. If you have applied online for the Ganga Question Record, you will need to complete all three rounds to succeed in the quiz.

The three rounds are as follows –

  • Tarini Dolphin Qualifying Round, in which no one is going to miss because there are no wrong answers. The first round of Ganga Quest should tell you about your thinking.
  • In Round 2, there are 10 questions you need to answer correctly. If you respond incorrectly, you will receive a note to respond. You can use as many times as you want to answer the questions. After that, you will go to the third round.
  • The third round can be tried only once. Ganga Quest Round 3 is the winner-determined round.

Ganga Quest 2021 Registration 2021-Naomi Ganga Ganga Quest Winner Prize

The winner of the Ganges Quest will receive wonderful prizes from the Foundation. The government will recognize them. In addition, the winners will have the opportunity to join the Government of India’s Naomi Ganga project.

Ganga Quest 2021 Registration 2021-Ganga Quest registration fee

Since Ganga Quest is a government program, there is no registration fee. Registration for Ganga Quest is free.

Ganga Quest 2021 Registration 2021-What is the last date for Ganga Quest registration?

The last date for Ganga Quest registration is May 22, 2021. Before that, every applicant must register online at

Ganga Quest 2021 Registration 2021-When will the Ganga Quest Prize be awarded?

Winners will be announced on the website. The Ganga Quest prize date is 5 June 2021.

Ganga Quest 2021 Registration 2021-Ganga Quest Important Details

Name of the competition Ganga Quest
Initiated by Naomi Ganga Project, Government of India
Registration process Online at
Start date 22 April 2021
Deadline 22 May 2021
Winner Notice Date 5 June 2021

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