Govin User Reference ID – Details about Govin Vaccine ID

Since its inception Govin The Honorable Prime Minister of India Vaccine, Govin 2.0 and the official self-registration portal are overflowing with Indian people. As the epidemic increased, people are now eager to get vaccinated. However, there are some basic details you need to know about the whole process, as you will first need to register on the Goin portal for the online process. One such detail is Gov. User Reference ID. People search the internet for the meaning of User ID and how they can get Govt. User Reference ID Number. So here is the detailed information about it.

What is User Reference ID?

Whenever the government launches a scheme for the masses, the people who benefit from the scheme are called beneficiaries. The number of users can be very large, so to streamline the process of the project, each person is given a unique identification number to identify.

The unique identification number is called the User ID, or in the case of the Govt registration, it is called the User Reference ID.

Goin User Reference ID

The Govin portal has the option to self-register on the official website at and So, when you visit one of these websites and register yourself to choose, you will get your application reference number. This reference number is used to identify you when you visit the Govt Vaccination Center.

The reference number you receive submits the optional form for the Covit-19 vaccine through the Covin 2.0 portal, also known as the Covin User Reference ID.

Goin User ID Registration Portal
Goin User ID Registration Portal

How to get Govt User Reference ID?

Users of Govt can use the following process to get the user ID –

  1. Go to Cowin’s portal for vaccine registration.
  2. Now click Register / Login Yourself
  3. Open Go’s Self Registration Portal.
  4. Enter your mobile number
  5. Create and verify the OTP
  6. Now enter your ID card details in the Govt Vaccine Self Registration Form
  7. Provide your personal details as requested.
  8. Submit the form and get your Govt User Reference Number

So anyone who is eligible to get Govin vaccine in India can get Govin user reference number online. It is easy and can be done through mobile as well.


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