Haryana Free Training Program 2021

Haryana Free Training Program 2021

Haryana Free Training Program 2021

SC / ST / OBC / EBC / EWS & General Category Haryana Free / Nishulk / Muft Coaching Scheme 2021: Apply Online | Registration Form | Eligibility Criteria | Deadline | Required Documents

Haryana students will benefit greatly from the information we have brought about the project today. The name of the project “Haryana Free Training Program 2021” There is. Haryana students who want to train for IITs no longer have to worry about tuition fees. Recently, the Haryana government was instructed to provide free IIT training to all students. Under this scheme launched by the state government, trainees do not have to pay any fees.

What the state government has decided is that 1000 students will come under this scheme. That is, about 1000 students will be offered free training at IIT every year. All expenses incurred during the training will be borne by the State Government of Haryana. This Haryana Nishulk Training Scheme Only students who pass the final exam with good marks will be included. Through our article today, we provide you with the complete details of this project.

Haryana Free Training Program 2021-What is Haryana Nishulk Training Plan 2021?

Government of Haryana Free Training Plan 2021 The main goal of launching this program is to ensure that students from poor families, like other children, receive higher education. Many times we see children who excel in their studies not being able to complete their education due to lack of money.

Initiated by the State Government Free Training Program 2021 This will not only motivate lower class students, but also reduce the financial burden on their parents. The Haryana state government wants the children to contribute to the state’s education rate by getting training under the scheme and enrolling in a bigger institution like IIT.

Haryana Free Training Program 2021-Cities under the Human Resource Muft Training Program 2021

Haryana Free Training Program 2021 / Haryana Free Training Program 2021 Under this, the benefit will be given only to students of selected cities. The following is a list of cities selected under this scheme.

  • Mahendrakar
  • Nu and Bhiwani
  • Faridabad
  • Tooth
  • Rewari
  • Gurugram
  • Judge

Haryana Free Training Program 2021-Types under the free training program

Now come to the most important point of this project. Haryana Free Training Program 2021 / Haryana Muft Coaching Scheme 2021 We have given this information below which categories are covered under.

Students selected under these categories will be provided free training facility by the State Government at all costs to the Government of Haryana. To this end, training institutes in the state have also been selected by the government.

  • Special backward class
  • List caste
  • List tribes
  • 30 students from the public sector

Students under the above categories can apply for this program. If you belong to any other category or category you are not eligible for this program.

Haryana Free Training Program 2021-Benefits of Haryana Nishulk Training Scheme 2021

As the name of the program suggests, students who register themselves under this program will receive free training. Haryana Free Training Program 2021 / Haryana Free Training Program 2021 The following is a list of benefits:

  • The plan was announced in the Haryana Cabinet on July 9, 2017 during the 2016-2017 budget.
  • Only 1000 students will be enrolled under the Haryana Free Training Program 2021.
  • The cost of complete training will be provided by the Government of Haryana to all students selected under this scheme.
  • Through this scheme, the State Government provides financial assistance to students in SC / ST / OBC, EPC and EWS categories.
  • Students enrolling under this program will be offered free training for 2 years to gain admission under medical and engineering courses.
  • The biggest advantage of this program is that children from economically weaker families can now get free training from good training institutes to get admission in a big educational institution like IIT.

Haryana Free Training Program 2021-Eligibility for Haryana Free Training Program 2021

By reading the information given above, you should be aware of it Haryana Free Training Program 2021 / Haryana Nishulk Training Plan 2021 How important is the plan for economically backward sections and marginalized sections. It will provide a platform for the children of the poorer sections of the state to progress. If you want to benefit from joining this program, you must first meet the eligibility criteria given below.

  • The student who wants to register himself under this scheme should be from the state of Haryana.
  • The applying student should submit his / her Bonafite Certificate along with the application form.
  • If the applicant falls under the reserved category, he / she should give the relevant caste certificate along with the application form.
  • Only students who have recently passed Class 11 and 12 will be admitted under this scheme.
  • Keep in mind that the family of the student applying Annual income less than ₹ 2.5 lakh Should be

Haryana Free Training Program 2021-Apply online for the Muft Coaching Scheme

Time required: 15 minutes.

This is a golden opportunity for the promising and talented students of Haryana. All of them can register themselves under this scheme and avail the free training facility. Haryana Free Training Program 2021 / Haryana Muft Coaching Scheme 2021 The process of applying online is given below.

  1. If you are also a student and want to register yourself under this program, you must first go to the official website for this.
  2. After opening the official website, you should look for the application form for the free training program.
  3. After receiving the application form, you must provide all the information requested in it.
  4. When the application form is complete, press the submit button and submit online.

    Haryana Free Training Program 2021

When applying online, it is important to remember that after all students have submitted the application form, they will need to print it out. Your application number will be written on it so that you can check the speed of your application. Make sure all the information you give in the application form is true and correct. For any other assistance please let us know in the comments below.

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