Haryana Online Product Portal Registration 2021

Haryana Online Product Portal Registration 2021

Haryana Online Product Portal Registration 2021

Haryana Online Theory Portal: Fake Exam Training Government Jobs | Apply – Application Form | Registration | Required Documents | Eligibility Criteria | Selection List | Checklist

Recently a new online system was developed by the Haryana Education Department for students. Organization Name Online Product Haryana. Through today’s article, we will present this to you Haryana Online Product Providing complete information about in this article, we provide you for students under online preparation. Fake Exam Training Online Registration Explains the whole process.

Haryana Online Product Portal Registration 2021-Haryana Online Theory Site

By the State Government Haryana Online Production Site Taken under a joint venture. Online Product is a digital platform through which students studying under the state Department of Education can practice online.

Haryana Online Production Site Through this, students studying in the state can prepare for various types of government recruitment, online exams, entrance exams for admission in university colleges, etc. Online Production Haryana Platform But to practice the mock exam, interested students must register first. Through this article of ours today, we tell you the complete process of registering online at the online product site.

Haryana Online Product Portal Registration 2021-Student registration for fake exam training

Time required: 20 minutes.

Guys, if you too want to practice the fake exam by registering online on the Haryana platform, you must first register online. Friends, the registration process for Haryana online product is given below.

  1. First, all students should go to the official link of Haryana Product Portal.
  2. If you do not know the official website http://haryanagov.onlinetyari.org/ Click
  3. Clicking on the link above will open the official web page on your screen.
  4. On the new page you need to click the “Login / Register” button at the bottom of the menu bar.
  5. After clicking on the option mentioned above, the login page for the website will open on your screen.
  6. On the newly opened page, click on the “Click here to register” option.
  7. A new page will now open on your screen, where you will see the complete registration form.
  8. In the next step of the process, you have to fill in all the details like your full name, email address, mobile number, exam type, district name and HREX ID (optional) in the given registration form.
  9. Under the option of choosing this registration form, students can opt for SSC, IAS, Banking, Railways or any other government recruitment with the Fake Exam Training option of their choice.

Haryana Online Product Portal Registration 2021

Thus you Dummy testing tutorial on Haryana online product port Haryana Theory Portal) You can register.

Haryana Theory Portal Dummy Test Tutorial

If you have completed the registration process in the online product portal Haryana, you can now take part in the fake exam. After registering, you have to follow the procedure given in the section below to participate in the online mock exam.

  • After completing and submitting the application form, the website’s dashboard will now open on the next screen.
  • You will get two options in your profile dashboard “My Summary” And “My Settings” Appear.
  • To practice mock tests online, you need to “My Summary” Given below “My Government Choices” Click the option.
  • Now students have to choose a language from English or Hindi at their convenience.
  • If you want to take any other exam under the Mock Test tutorial, you can select another option using the drop-down menu.
  • After selecting the selection type and your language, click the Submit button.
  • Then in the next section you will see the State Exam ID, State Exam Name and the total score option for the exam.
  • Now before the name of this exam, students “Take the Test” For that they want to practice fake selection.
  • After clicking on the option mentioned in the section above, on your screen “Online Dummy Test Site” Will open.
  • Here you are “I read the instructions” Need to click on.
  • With this option, a new page will now open on your screen displaying the complete quiz and time counting clock.
  • Now you have to complete this fake exam and submit online.

So guys, this way you can register online to practice fake tests on Haryana product platform. After offering the online mock exam, you will also see what you got on your screen. If you give a fake test Haryana Product Dummy Test Portal But if you encounter any problem, you can contact the department officer directly at + 91-1234567891 or + 91-1234567890.

Haryana Online Product Portal Registration 2021-Frequently Asked Questions for Haryana Theory Mock Test Portal

For which exams can you practice fake tests on this online product portal?

Under the online product portal launched by the Haryana government, fake tests can be given to all types of state government recruitment and federal government recruitment.

Do you need any documents when registering to practice fake tests online?

No, you do not need any documents to practice fake tests on the product board. You can take the fake exam directly by registering online.

Is there any time limit recommended for providing fake tests on Haryana Online Product Port?

Yes, you have to follow the given time limit to complete the exam when taking fake exam online on Haryana product portal.

If a question is missed when offering a fake exam online, can it be brought back?

Yes, you can see old questions and their answers when taking fake exams online.

Launched by the State Government of Haryana Product Portal Students preparing for exams will find it very useful to get jobs in government departments in the state. Students preparing for any government recruitment through online product portal Haryana no longer have to go to training centers and prepare for higher fees. Instead, it is available for free to students Online Dummy Exam Tutorial Taxes can further increase the chances of getting a job in government departments.

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