Haryana Veterinary Insurance Scheme 2021 Application and Beneficiary List

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Haryana Livestock Insurance Scheme 2021: – The state government of Haryana is well aware that state farmers play an important role in the economic development of the state. In view of this fact, the government has from time to time come up with new schemes to encourage farmers. Currently, the state government has launched a new scheme for livestock farmers. The scheme is called Haryana Livestock Insurance Scheme 2021.

Under this scheme launched by the State Government of Haryana, all the livestock farmers of the state will be insured. Through our today’s article, we will provide you with detailed information about this project. We will provide you with the complete process for submitting the application form under this scheme. We will also inform you of the application form and the list of documents to be submitted along with the relevant rules.

Haryana Green Insurance Scheme 2021

We are all well aware that he is the backbone farmer of our country in the true sense. Even in the state of Haryana, more than half of the population depends on agriculture for their livelihood through livestock farming. It is not uncommon for farmers’ livestock to die of natural causes or disease. Farmers are thus greatly affected. It is also seen that sometimes farmers take loans and buy cattle. After the death of the cattle, the farmers are in financial crisis and unable to lend.

With this problem in mind, the Chief Minister of Haryana Animal Insurance Plan 2021 Has been launched. Under the scheme, the state government will provide insurance cover to a farmer’s livestock in case of illness or death due to natural calamities. Can increase facilities for aging livestock. In addition, farmers have to pay a monthly premium to insure their livestock.

Benefits of Haryana Green Insurance Scheme 2021

Launched by the State Government of Haryana Animal Insurance Plan 2021 If you also want to apply under this, you will be given the following offers.

  • Initiated by the State Government Animal Insurance Plan 2021 Under this, all the livestock of the farmers will be insured.
  • Haryana Livestock Insurance Scheme 2021 Under this, all types of animals like wood buffalo cow horse goat will be insured.
  • If the farmer’s livestock dies due to any natural calamity or any deadly disease, the farmer will be paid the full sum assured.
  • A separate amount of compensation is fixed by the State Government for each type of livestock received by the farmer.
  • In the section below we will state the amount of compensation and under what circumstances the animals can receive compensation.
  • Compensation for farmers will range from 5000 to 88000.
  • To avail the benefits of insurance, farmers have to pay the premium installment of the sum assured every month.
  • The premium payable to the state ranges from 25 to ₹ 100.

Insurance amount and causes of death of livestock

Launched by the State Government of Haryana Animal Insurance Plan 2021 Under this, farmers will be compensated in case of death of cattle due to the following reasons.

  • Because it sank in the canal
  • Due to current or lightning
  • Because the fence or hill is broken
  • Due to some unfortunate accident
  • Due to a serious or life-threatening illness
  • Due to the scarcity of animals

In case of death of farmers’ livestock due to the above reasons, the entire insurance amount will be provided by the State Government. Along with this the amount of compensation to be provided under this scheme is as follows.

  • பசு 80000 if the cow dies
  • ₹ 5000 if the goat dies
  • ₹ 5000 if the goat dies
  • ₹ 40000 if the horse dies
  • 000 88000 if the buffalo dies
  • சர்க்கரை 5000 if sugar dies

The above amount will be sent directly to the farmers’ account as compensation. When applying, farmers should attach a copy of their bank passport with the application form. In addition, you will need to deposit the premium amount of the insurance each month in the following format.

  • The premium for a pig is ₹ 25
  • The premium for a goat is ₹ 25
  • The premium for goats is ₹ 25
  • The premium for a cow is ₹ 100
  • The premium for a horse is ₹ 100
  • The premium for buffalo is 100

The above premium amount should be deposited by the farmer every month. If you do not pay the premium, your animal will be removed from the insurance list.

Eligibility for Haryana Green Insurance Scheme 2021

State farmers who want to insure their livestock and Animal Insurance Plan 2021 Those wishing to receive compensation under the scheme must first meet the eligibility criteria given below.

  • The farmer applying should be from the state of Haryana.
  • It is mandatory for the farmer to insure all his livestock.
  • All livestock of the farmers will be insured after registration.
  • Farmers who apply are already doing livestock raising work or have bought new livestock.
  • The farmer should have enough space to maintain, maintain and raise livestock.
  • After the death of the animal, the farmer should immediately send the information to the concerned department.

Documents for Haryana Green Insurance Scheme 2021

If you want to insure your animals under the TV Haryana Green Insurance Scheme, you need to submit the following documents along with the application form.

  • Farmers’ Aadhar Card
  • Caste certificate
  • Basic address proof
  • Identity Card
  • Certificate of Income
  • Copy of ration card
  • Receipt for purchase of animals
  • Receipt for payment of premium
  • Bank Account Passbook

Apply Online for Haryana Green Insurance Scheme 2021

The livestock insurance scheme started by the government is very effective. If you have too Haryana Livestock Insurance Scheme 2021 If you want to submit your application, you must follow all the guidelines given below.

  1. If you want to apply for this program and insure your livestock, first visit the official website of the Department of Animal Care and Dairy. http://pasudhanharyana.gov.in/ To be continued.
  2. If you do not have the link to download the online application form, you can go to the concerned office and get the application form.
  3. After receiving the application form, all the information requested in it should be filled in correctly.
  4. After completing the complete application form, all the documents mentioned above should be attached to it.
  5. Now double check all the information filled in the application form and check all your documents.
  6. Finally, submit all the documents along with your application form to the concerned authority.

According to the procedure above, you Haryana Livestock Insurance Scheme 2021 You can submit your application form below. Yes, if you have any problem applying online or offline, you can contact the concerned department officials. For more information and assistance regarding this project, see the official website http://pashudhanharyana.gov.in/sites/default/files/documents/Extention/Pashu%20Beema_0.pdf Please visit


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