Hitgrahi Profile Panchikaran MP 2021

Hitgrahi Profile Panchikaran MP 2021

Hitgrahi Profile Panchikaran MP 2021

To register the profile of tribal beneficiaries, the Government of Madhya Pradesh has created a registration portal called https://www.tribal.mp.gov.in/MPTAAS. Any tribe or tribe can register a profile with the Tribal Welfare Department.

Today you know how to register a user profile.

Hitgrahi Profile Panchikaran MP 2021-What are beneficiaries?

Beneficiaries in Hindi are also called beneficiaries. Beneficiaries in English or English means the recipient of the benefit of any scheme.

When a government scheme like the Tribal Welfare Scheme is launched, the registration of the beneficiary i.e. registration of beneficiaries takes place in that scheme. After registration, the registered user begins to benefit from the program.

Hitgrahi Profile Panchikaran MP 2021-What is User Profile Registration?

Beneficiary profile registration or registration is done on the Tribal website i.e. on the website of the Tribal Welfare Department. User profile registration is the process of registering a new user on the website.

A profile i.e. a new account is opened in that username. The Madhya Pradesh Tribal User Account created on the website is called his profile.

Hitgrahi Profile Panchikaran MP 2021-Hitgrahi profile Punchian

Tribal website of the Government of Madhya Pradesh https://www.tribal.mp.gov.in/ PMS / Registration / User Registration / Personal Profile New User Registration Form must be filled out on the page. Some information is asked in the User Registration Application Form, which should be correct. The applicant should only enter that information in his / her user profile on the Aadhaar card.

Hitgrahi Profile Panchikaran MP 2021

Hitgrahi Profile Panchikaran MP 2021-How to register a user profile?

The profile of the users is recorded by visiting the MP Government website. Click here to start recording. Then follow the given profile creation method –

  1. In the first part of the profile post, enter your personal details i.e. personal details.
  2. Enter your name in English according to the source.
  3. Enter your date of birth and father’s name and date of birth.
  4. Then write the address of the user on the form.
  5. It is necessary to give the original address of Madhya Pradesh in the profile of the beneficiary.
  6. For other information, write down your mobile number, marital status and caste certificate number on the form.
  7. Write the date of issue of caste certificate from e-district portal.
  8. Upload your caste certificate and save it there.
  9. In the second section you have to upload the income information and income certificate.
  10. After making the income declaration, you need to make the residence declaration.
  11. In the next section of the application, review the user profile, check the form and save.
  12. After completing the registration of the user, download his receipt or approval.

By following these twelve rules, you can register the profile of Madhya Pradesh beneficiaries. Please note that this registration can only be done by persons qualified for the Department of Tribal Welfare.

Hitgrahi Profile Panchikaran MP 2021-Hitgrahi profile login

Once you have registered your profile you can log in to the Madhya Pradesh Tribal website. You will need to sign in with the user profile https://www.tribal.mp.gov.in/ You need to go to the homepage.

  • Click the MPTAAS link on the Tribal MP website.
  • After clicking, the user’s profile login form will appear in front of you.
  • You must enter your user ID in the login form.
  • Below that, enter the password of your user profile.
  • After entering the password, you must enter the captcha code and click the login button.
  • This way you can sign in with the user’s profile.

Hitgrahi Profile Panchikaran MP 2021

Hitgrahi Profile Panchikaran MP 2021-Hitgrahi Punch Dashboard

When you log in with a user profile, a dashboard will appear in front of you. That dashboard will contain information about Madhya Pradesh Tribal Welfare Department programs, details of your tribal beneficiaries and other online services.

Your account details will be displayed on the User Registration Dashboard. Whichever project you qualify for, it will be told there. Users can check the registration status on the dashboard.

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