How is the file rejected 2021?

How is the file rejected 2021?

How is the file rejected 2021?

If you The filed Bihar information was rejected If so, we told you before. Today we know how the filing was rejected. Today we will learn how to file rejection online or how to make land transfer in Bihar. The dismissal filed has been validly recognized by the Supreme Court, but it has also been stated that it does not express entitlement. Land transfer does not determine ownership of any land or real estate.

Therefore, we provide more information on file rejection here, see.

How is the file rejected 2021?-Procedure for filing dismissal petition

How is the file rejected?

  1. Determine the portion you hold or hold
  2. Go to the Circle Officer or go to court
  3. Fill out the filed rejection form or land transfer form
  4. Use Forms 1B, 2 and 3
  5. Attach the current builder, Katta Kesra record to be maintained
  6. Petition in Form 1A

How is the file rejected 2021?

This way you can file a petition with the help of Dismissal Form 1, 2 and 3 filed. After this we will tell you how the admission was rejected.

How is the file rejected 2021?-Where does the rejection take place?

Bihar Circle Officer, in his office, or in the court, or in your land or holding or share area rtps You can go to the counter and reject the admission. For this you need to attach some documents.

How to fill out a rejected application?

We told you how to reject. Now you know how to fill out a rejected application –

  1. Download the Rejection Form filed first
  2. Then write the name of the zone
  3. Enter the name of the subsection
  4. Write the name of the district
  5. Write the name of the person to whom the petition is to be filed.
  6. Enter the parent’s name
  7. Write Village, Tak and Thana
  8. Provide information on land rights
  9. Write Revenue Village and Revenue Dhana
  10. Write down the account number, kesra number, land area and sahati
  11. Enter a list of links
  12. Sign and submit the application
  13. The waiver petition you filed will be filed

So in this way you can reject Bihar admission.

Bihar Society Registration

Bihar Takil Garij – Frequently Asked Questions

By what rule is filing rejected?

Bihar Discount Filing – Under the Bihar Special Survey and Settlement Act 2011, 2012 and the Bihar Land Discount Act 2012, Rules 2012.

Which department is interested in rejecting the filing?

The dismissal department filed in Bihar is the Revenue and Land Reforms Department.

What are the benefits of dismissal?

The advantage of filing a rejection is that it reduces the likelihood of land disputes. There is no difference between a buyer and a seller, i.e. a partner in buying and selling, so it is necessary to reject filing.


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