How to apply for Govt Brigade Kerala job?


The Government of Kerala has launched the Govt Brigade. Anyone who wants to apply for Kerala Govt Brigade job vacancy can use the following details to apply for volunteer job. As the number of Govt-19 cases has increased across the state of Kerala, one can apply for Corona Brigade workplaces online and help control the epidemic. Detailed information about Kerala Govt Brigade online application process is here.

Details of the Govt. Brigade of Kerala

The name of the project Govt. Brigade, Kerala
Power Government of Kerala
Qualification Anyone
Purpose Assistance to the state in the fight against corona
Official website

Govt Brigade Registration Online

If you want to register in Govt Brigade, you are looking for Govt Brigade registration process or online application process. For that, you have to visit Govt-19 Jagrata Web Home. Here is a step-by-step guide on Govt Brigade registration –

Govt Brigade Registration Form
Govt Brigade Registration Form

How to apply for Govt Brigade in Kerala?

  1. Go to
  2. Open the Add hands option
  3. Click on the Govt Brigade registration page
  4. Enter your mobile number
  5. Check code and OTP.
  6. Fill out the registration form
  7. Submit and wait for approval.

You can easily register online for Government of Kerala Govt Brigade Scheme.

The purpose of the Govt Brigade

  • The government has started setting up various centers and schemes for Govt management in the state. Govt Brigade volunteers will assist the government in tackling the issues related to the high number of corona cases in Kerala.
  • They will support the Corona first-line treatment centers established by the state government.
  • They will help people get the right treatment.
  • They help to spread awareness among the citizens.
  • Govt Brigade will provide support in hospitals and public health organizations.

Govt Brigade Report

As this article is being written on 21 April 2021, here is the report of Govt Brigade in Kerala –

1 Kozhikode 4724 1985 2739
2 Thiruvananthapuram 5480 3011 2469
3 Alappuzha 5032 2253 2779
4 Kasargod 742 404 338
5 Ernakulam 3168 1965 1203
6 Thrissur 5404 2475 2929
7 Pliers 1040 539 501
8 Kollam 2749 1731 1018
9 Palakkad 1936 757 1179
10 Kannur 3107 1656 1451
11 Malappuram 3061 1446 1615
12 Wayanad 1474 708 766
13 Kottayam 2784 1740 1044
14 பத்தனம்திட்டா 1871 1295 576

Govt Brigade Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone apply for the Govt Brigade?


Yes, anyone who can help and serve the government in the fight against corona virus infection can apply as a Govt Brigade volunteer.

Where do I apply to become a Govt Brigade?

You can apply on the official website of

Do I need a mobile number to apply online?

Yes, mobile number and OTP verification is important for Govt Brigade registration.



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