How To Buy Jio Phone 3 in 2021

How To Buy Jio Phone 3 in 2021

How To Buy Jio Phone 3 in 2021

Geo Phone 3 Booking and Online Purchasing Today we tell you what you need to do to buy Geo Phone 3. Also, we will tell you if the Geo Phone 3 is available on Flipkart or Amazon. With this, we will tell you the price of the Geo Phone 3, as well as talk about its release date. Find out when the Geo Phone 3 will launch and how to purchase it.

How To Buy Jio Phone 3 in 2021? – Register Geo Phone 3 online

Geo’s 5G phone is about to be launched in the market and any customer can buy it online on Geo’s official website or on Amazon and Flipkart. Find out the whole way below.

There are three ways you can buy this phone –

  • Book with Flipkart
  • Buy on Amazon
  • Book the phone by visiting the Geo website

We describe all three methods in detail below.

How To Buy Jio Phone 3 in 2021

How To Buy Jio Phone 3 in 2021-Register Jio Phone 3 5G on Geo’s official website

  • First you Geo website To go
  • Go to the link to buy Geo Phone 3 online
  • Click the notification link for me
  • Enter your email or mobile number
  • You will be registered
  • Go there on launch day for Geo Phone 3 online booking
  • Pay and buy Geo Phone 3

How To Buy Jio Phone 3 in 2021-Buy Jio Phone 3 5G on Amazon

  • Go to the Amazon website or app
  • Go to the Mobile Phone section
  • Click on the Geo Phone 3 pre-order link if you have one
  • Sign in and click the Geo Phone 3 Pre-Order button
  • Here’s how to buy a Geo Phone 3 on Amazon.

Buy Geo Phone 3 at Flipkart

  • Go to Flipkart’s website or app
  • If available, go to the Geo Phone 3 banner
  • Then click the Notify Me button there
  • Sign in with your email and mobile number
  • You will be notified as soon as the Geo Phone 3 is launched
  • Go there and buy Geo Phone 3 online

How To Buy Jio Phone 3 in 2021-Jio Phone 3 Price Details

What is the price of Geo Phone 3?

Until then, the price of Geo’s new phone model number – Geo Phone 3 – should be in the range of Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000. However, the exact price has not yet been announced.


The Geo phone is priced at Rs 4,500.

When will the Geo Phone 3 launch?

According to current information, Geo’s new phone Geo Phone 3 will be launched by the end of this year. It will be launched in online stores like Amazon and Flipkart. Apart from this, this phone is also available in Geo Store and Geo Mart.

The Geo Phone 3 can also be purchased at Reliance Digital Store, Geo’s retail store.

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